Custom CRM Development Services

AnyforSoft offers custom CRM development services to streamline your educational organization’s processes, improve its efficiency, and help you effectively manage student interactions. With over 12 years of development experience, we build CRM applications of any complexity, tailoring them to your specific needs and requirements.

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Our CRM Development Services

We create highly customized CRM software tailored to your business requirements. Unlike a ready-made solution, a custom CRM system will support only the features you need, allowing for better performance. It will also boast infinite scalability, enabling you to scale whenever you need without worrying about increasing subscription fees.

Want to migrate your data from one platform to another? AnyforSoft will assist you with that. We will transfer your entire CRM database to the system of your choice while ensuring it works as intended in the new environment. The CRM migration will be performed as promptly as possible to minimize any disruption to your business operations.

As a CRM development company, AnyforSoft provides CRM support and maintenance services, helping you keep your customer relationship management system secure and up-to-date. Our CRM experts will assist you with system upgrades, data management, system configurations, CRM customization, performance optimization, security management, and other maintenance tasks.

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Keep the critical data at your fingertips with mobile CRM solutions. AnyforSoft offers custom CRM software for mobile so that you can enjoy increased accessibility, enhanced student experience, higher productivity, better data accuracy, and advanced features such as offline access. With a mobile CRM app, you will always stay in touch with your students, promptly informing them of all important updates.

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AnyforSoft provides CRM integration services. Our custom CRM developers will integrate your customer relationship management software with third-party tools of your choice, including email marketing platforms, marketing automation solutions, ERP software, data analytics systems, and other solutions. That way, you will be able to add necessary functions to your platform without developing them from scratch.

CRM Features We Build

When providing custom CRM development services for education, we follow the latest industry trends and make sure your software supports all the must-have features.

Student Contact Management

Student Contact Management

Create and maintain detailed profiles for students, including personal information, academic history, and contact details. Keep track of enrollment status, course preferences, and extracurricular activities for each student. Easily access and update student information as needed.

Admissions Management

Admissions Management

Manage the entire admissions process, from accepting applications to final enrollment. Track applicant details, including application status, submitted documents, and admission decisions.
Streamline communication with applicants and provide updates on their application status.

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Benefits of Custom CRM Development

Considering a myriad of off-the-shelf CRM platforms available, why invest in a custom CRM system? Isn’t it easier to subscribe to a ready-made tool and use it right away? Well, while it is undoubtedly easier, a customized CRM platform is better in many respects:


❌ Ready-made CRM systems may have excessive features, slowing down their performance.
✔️ Custom CRM solutions support only the features your institution requires, contributing to the system’s performance.


❌ Off-the-shelf tools are limited in scalability: when you need a new feature, you have to wait until a vendor provides it. 
✔️ Custom CRM systems can be scaled whenever such a need arises.


❌ Ready-made CRM solutions typically have integration constraints, resulting in data silos, inefficient workflows, and manual data entries.
✔️ A fully customized CRM platform can be integrated virtually with any third-party tool, enabling seamless data exchange between multiple systems.


❌ With an off-the-shelf CRM, you lack control over the software and become vendor-reliant, so you are restricted in terms of customization and scalability.
✔️ When investing in CRM development services, you have full control over the software, including its development, maintenance, and updates.

Technology Stack

Custom CRM Development Process

When providing custom CRM software development services, we usually take the following steps:

  • Our CRM developers examine your educational organization's current processes, pinpointing manual workloads, challenges, and time-intensive tasks.
  • We create a project plan for CRM implementation with the timeline, milestones, deliverables, and resources required to build customer relationship management software.
  • We design the UI and UX elements for the CRM system, focusing on usability, accessibility, and alignment with your brand identity.
  • Our developers build the core features of your CRM system.
  • We conduct QA testing to identify and address any bugs and errors in the software.
  • Our CRM development company implements security measures to protect the sensitive information of your students and ensure compliance with government regulations in the industry.
  • Once CRM implementation is done, we provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical support to keep the system secure and up-to-date.

Why Choose AnyforSoft as Your Custom CRM Development Company


Our company offers senior-level experts who build top-notch custom CRM solutions. They will translate your ideas into quality CRM software that will help you optimize and streamline your workflows.


AnyforSoft is a client-oriented CRM software development company that values your product vision. We will deliver a product that fully meets your needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

Industry Expertise

We have worked with many education institutions and e-Learning companies, helping them achieve their goals. Implementing the latest technologies and best industry practices, our team creates custom CRM solutions that resonate with users.

Success Stories


Verifone is a global FinTech corporation that offers end-to-end electronic payment transaction solutions and value-added services at the POS and online. It sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing, and self-service payment systems to multiple industries. The company processes over 14 billion transactions annually, totaling over $450 billion flowing through its payment gateways.

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CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns. CRM solutions are used in plenty of industries for various purposes. In education, they help with student contact management, administrative task automation, admissions management, progress tracking, and other tasks.

Depends on the complexity of your system. CRM system development services can take from several months to a year or even more. If you would like to receive a time estimate for your project, feel free to contact us via the website form.

CRM solutions help you support front-office business functions: marketing, sales, advertising, and customer service. ERP systems, on the other hand, support back-office functions, such as finance, supply chain operations, and HR.

Absolutely. Custom CRM platforms can be integrated with virtually any third-party software, including email marketing platforms, marketing automation solutions, ERP software, data analytics systems, and other solutions.

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