Software Maintenance and Support Services

Our continuous software maintenance and support services ensure your product performance is smooth and efficient. Whether it is a part of the product development life-cycle or a particular request, our product development team that cares about your success focuses on providing you with necessary and timely updates, tech audits, testing, and support.

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Software Maintenance and Support Services We Offer

As a part of software maintenance services, we pay special attention to website security to protect it from attacks and prevent privacy breaches. We conduct a complex audit to identify vulnerabilities and find proper solutions.

We organize a support process to put preventive maintenance in the first place. We keep an eye out for upcoming versions of plugins and modules integrated into our clients' software and provide timely updates.

Reliable hosting supplemented with regular backups allows storing and safeguarding website information, including confidential data. We schedule software maintenance and support activities to make sure everything is saved on time.

One of the essential software maintenance and support services. An additional development option that wasn't included in the primary scope of work but was required after launch.

While you can provide software maintenance support with an in-house IT department, outsourced software support is a much more efficient solution, as it gives you more opportunities to develop and grow instead of focusing on one product only.

Benefits of Software Maintenance & Support

Expert software maintenance and support services can ensure the software application or website operates smoothly and efficiently


Due to proactive reactions, your product stays updated with necessary continuous enhancements. The support team repeatedly works to provide high performance, minimal downtime, and response time. Moreover, you get quick bug fixing, design error identification, security review, and regular reports. Test engineers work hard to ensure product reliability and consistency, its seamless work on different operating systems. 


Regular backups & recovery grant your website or app can be quickly restored if necessary.

How much does it cost to maintain an app or a website? Share your project details and we’ll let you know!

Our Support & Maintenance Approach

Providing solid software maintenance services, we've developed a provenly practical roadmap leading from software issues to successful solutions:

Step 1. Analysis and evaluation. Depending on the type and goal of software support and maintenance, we appeal to business analysts or software developers to check software performance or source code.
Step 2. Plan сreation. Focusing on software maintenance and support high-quality services, we create a custom strategy and maintenance plan. 
Step 3. Infrastructure Analysis. To avoid a ripple effect, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your infrastructure to identify possible bottlenecks.
Step 4. Complex testing. After improvements implementation, we test the software product to ensure its performance, security and reliability were enhanced.
Step 5. Launching and reporting. When everything is done according to a plan and approved, we release the updated software system and prepare a detailed report.

Business Models for Software Maintenance

Custom Support And Maintenance Services

Choose a fixed price for custom updates and software troubleshooting. A quick way to fix bugs, update modules and install product enhancements.

Software Support And Maintenance Team

Get at your disposal a whole support team of reliable, experienced, and skilled engineers who can improve the product and provide uninterrupted support.

On-Demand Maintenance And Support

Enjoy the flexibility of the time and materials model: make changes, supplement tasks, and pay only for the services received and the efforts invested.

Tech Stack

How We Helped Our Partners


projektmagazin is the largest German-language educational online portal for professional development in the project management field. It has been functioning since 2000 and boasts around 25k subscribers and over 100k website visits per month.

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Industry Expertise

We always keep abreast of the industry trends in development, focusing on approaches that bring maximum benefit to our clients.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Comprehensive software support and maintenance services for digital media businesses consider implementing new features, updating software, custom plugins, and modules to provide a smooth and seamless user experience. We offer different types of maintenance to meet particular requirements and needs: from regular checks and reports to full-scale improvements.



Education organizations deal with lots of data and sensitive student information. In order to prevent data loss and security breaches, educational software must go through regular maintenance and support. AnyforSoft’s experienced team is ready to help. We will treat your product as our own, helping you eliminate bugs, solve technical issues, and ensure that your system remains secure and highly protected.

Why Anyforsoft for Software Maintenance and Support?

Continuous Client Support

We are always in touch with our clients after completing the project and providing software maintenance and support services: it is vital for us to be on the same page; we really care about the result.

High-Level Competency

Striving to benefit our customers as much benefit as possible, we have become a reliable service provider, constantly increasing expert knowledge and skills in technologies and industries. We keep our finger on the pulse to provide the latest solution.

Client-Oriented Approach

We are always ready to find or develop an individual solution for each client. By combining the flexibility and variability of cooperation models with transparent communication and broad experience, we lead you to success.


There are four types of software maintenance: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, perfective maintenance, and adaptive maintenance. Each type has specificities and particular objectives.

In general, the maintenance costs of software support services will depend on the volume of work, the cooperation model you've chosen, the number of specialists engaged for the project, etc. For a more detailed estimation, feel free to contact our managers.

The short answer is yes. Application maintenance is key to its long and successful functioning. The IT market is rapidly changing daily, and you should stay on Top or move to it at the same speed or even faster. New updates, adding features, re-design, bug fixes – everything should be done timely.

There is no ideal moment to stop application support, but constant auditing will allow you to make forecasts and calculations. When the cost of maintaining a product exceeds its profitability, it becomes unprofitable. Please don't wait until it happens; take action early. A good software maintenance company can take care of it as well.

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