LMS Consulting Services

As a company with hands-on experience in developing e-Learning solutions, AnyforSoft offers LMS consulting to help you implement a new learning management system or upgrade an existing one. We provide professional assistance at every stage, helping you increase user adoption, reduce learning costs, and provide a seamless learning experience.

Our LMS Consulting Services

LMS implementation is tricky as every business has different objectives, requirements, and learning needs. To ensure that you have a system that matches your product vision, our LMS consultants will thoroughly analyze your company. They will define the technical requirements as well as KPIs for your software, frame your learning needs, and outline an adoption plan. That will allow you to make more informed decisions when it comes to LMS selection or custom LMS development.

Already using an LMS but something is off? AnyforSoft’s consulting team will assist you in upgrading your current system. We will recommend LMS features for the software based on your objectives, business requirements, and learning needs. We will also find ways to introduce improvements, making the system’s performance much smoother. As a result, you will have a comprehensive upgrade plan to follow.

Want to migrate to a better LMS? With the abundance of learning management systems, it is challenging to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. LMS consulting will help you choose the best LMS for migration. After analyzing your learning needs and business requirements, our consultants will provide a list of LMS vendors that offer the best solutions. They will also assist you during the migration, ensuring that your learning materials work as intended in the new environment.

Benefits of LMS Consulting Services

LMS consulting service is a great way to avoid costly mistakes while implementing a new LMS solution, migrating to another software, or optimizing the tools that you use. By receiving professional consultation, you will:

  • Get valuable guidance.  LMS consultants are experts in the field of e-Learning and provide valuable guidance on LMS selection, implementation, and optimization. They will help you choose the right LMS that meets your unique requirements and budget. Alternatively, they can assist you in custom LMS development, helping you create a unique software product from scratch.
  • Minimize financial risks and reduce learning costs. Investing in features that nobody uses is a common mistake in LMS implementation. Our experts will help you identify your requirements and avoid meaningless investments. LMS consulting is the best way to come up with the most cost-effective solution, reducing learning costs.
  • Increase user adoption. With learning management system consulting, you will know exactly who your target audience is and what features it requires. You will develop the product accordingly, resulting in better user adoption and engagement.

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Why Choose AnyforSoft As Your LMS Consultant?

Industry Expert

In over 11 years of our existence, we have created multiple software solutions for organizations in the e-Learning industry. AnyforSoft’s team boasts industry experts that know the ins and outs of learning management systems and can help you solve any problem.


When providing LMS services, be it consulting or development, we always put our clients’ requirements and needs at the forefront. We thoroughly analyze your company before suggesting any improvements, helping you reach your objectives in the most cost-efficient manner.

One-Stop Solution

Apart from consulting, we can help you with custom development, LMS integration, customization, and related tasks. In other words, you can receive everything you need in one place.

Success Stories


projektmagazin is the largest German-language educational online portal for professional development in the project management field. It has been functioning since 2000 and boasts around 25k subscribers and over 100k website visits per month.

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LMS consulting is a service aimed at helping you implement a new learning management system or upgrade a current one without costly mistakes. LMS consultants are specialists with industry-specific knowledge that can provide valuable assistance, helping you improve the learning experience and user engagement, increase user adoption, and reduce learning costs.

Pretty much everyone who is planning to develop a custom LMS, implement ready-made LMS products, upgrade their current system, or migrate to new software. If you have no experience in working with LMSes, LMS consulting solutions will help you avoid the most common mistakes, reducing financial risks.

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