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Over 70% of Top 30 Media and Entertainment companies opt for Drupal.

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to achieve a better digital experience the right way, using our deep expertise.

Why Drupal is better for Digital Media

Increased performance

Increased performance

Drupal is the best option for content-heavy and high-load solutions, ensuring the best website performance.

Better content creation

Better content creation

Develop better content by gaining insight into the actions, behaviors, and preferences of your audience.

Seamless editing process

Seamless editing process

Streamline your editorial and publishing processes to free up your managing staff from routine tasks and save time.

Managing digital assets

Managing digital assets

Handle large amounts of photos and videos in the most efficient way, using the infinite potential of Drupal technology.

Multisite feature

Multisite feature

Launch a powerful network of fully functional websites to manage them from one dashboard, improving your efficiency.

Paywall customization

Paywall customization

Get a solution for content monetization and ensure full control, audience segmentation, and integration with your internal systems.

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Who uses Drupal

fox news
the independed
the economist
warner records
the weather channel
Digital Media

Why use Thunder & Lightning Distributions in Digital Media

Thunder and Lightning are Drupal distributions with numerous 
modules and ultra-features for the Media & Publishing 
industry. Leverage these prime digital solutions to empower 
your website with the best authoring experience and create 
powerful yet easy-to-use publishing tools for content teams.


Key benefits


  • Flexible content creation;
  • Content scheduling;
  • video player;
  • Riddle tool for interactive content;
  • Instant Articles by Facebook;
  • The Infinity theme;
  • Mobile-friendliness.


  • Easy media management;
  • Flexible editorial workflows;
  • Handy content preview;
  • Drag-and-drop layouts;
  • API for content sharing;
  • Headless Lightning sub-profile.
By combining the advantages of Thunder and Lightning  we can help you reduce the cost of web development by 25% 

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Stage Entertainment

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