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Enrich your department with crucial experts using our team extension services. We provide you with engineers or a product development team that cares about your business goals and focuses on gaining the best outcome.

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Team Extension Solutions We Provide

Get access to a vast pool of candidates to strengthen your software development team with proper specialists: business analysts, project managers, software engineers, or mobile developers. Our experts can be gently integrated into your processes, absorbing company culture, workflow, and communication to work thoroughly on achieving project goals.

Ensure development process enhancements by sharing responsibility with offshore software developers. Select the compatible technical talents using team extension and supplement your in-house team with one more expert group. Both teams will collaborate on a software development project, making team management smooth and easy.

Delegate your idea to a dedicated development team with relevant skills and development projects. We are ready to form for you a dedicated team with an appropriate skill set to ensure high code quality and fully meet project requirements. This team extension model is an efficient and cost-effective solution for small and big projects.

Benefits of Our Team Extension Solutions



Negotiate about each team member – skills, experience, knowledge – to pick the right one. Choose a convenient pricing model and other terms of cooperation.



Augment a core engineering team with the right talent working on an ongoing project or get an extended team, depending on your business goals.

Niche Skills

Niche Skills

Fill in skill gaps with new talents. You can choose fitting candidates to complete your project and meet strict deadlines by getting access to a large pool of talent.

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When Team Extension Model Fits The Best

Working on the project, you might meet obstacles that team extension services can help overcome. Here are some common issues:

  • Too many projects: your in-house development team can't handle, and the remote team can take part of them;
  • Your project is too big and requires more software developers than you have;
  • There is an expertise gap: your idea requires some new tech solution;
  • You have stringent deadlines: you'll need some extra specialists to complete tasks in time;
  • You need some team extension for a reasonable price: engineers with an appropriate level of expertise can be found offshore.

In general, you can entrust to dedicated development teams any type of task and project, from building a new product to maintenance services.

Our Industry Expertise

We always keep abreast and follow the industry trends and development, focusing on a few to bring maximum benefit to our clients.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

We know exactly how to implement your digital media project to make the product convenient, efficient, and reliable. Regardless of the task – building from scratch, updating, or re-designing – we make every effort to ensure performance at the highest level.



Want to build an app for an educational organization but your team is busy with other projects or simply lacks expertise? AnyforSoft has your back. We will assign our best developers with industry-specific expertise to your project to help you create a solution tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Technology Stack

Team Extension Service Process

Providing team extension services, we have adjusted the efficient hiring process to make team extension gentle and smooth. This is how team extension works:

  • Analysis and identifying needs 
  • Defining skills, knowledge, expert level
  • Interview: internal tech check and client interview
  • Agreement and document signing 
  • New team members onboarding 
  • HR Support

Case Studies

Achieve Internet

Achieve Internet is a world-class enterprise software solutions provider. Its core goal is to assist businesses on the way to success through effective digital transformation services and progressive API portals.

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Reasons Why to Choose AnyforSoft?

Rich Tech Community

We have a large talent pool of various specialists with broad tech expertise that can fulfill complex tasks and implement innovative solutions.

Reliable Partner

Providing team extension services, we focus on achieving clients' business goals, paying attention to every detail. We do care.


We are for transparency in everything: from communication to project management. We always provide information to the business owner and stay in touch.


It is recommended to start with a proper outsourcing partner who will consult you and help to choose a perfectly fitted team extension services.

In short, team extension is an augmentation of your core team with necessary specialists who become a part of it. In comparison, the dedicated team is closer to the independent offshore development team.

Cultural or time differences, language barriers or poor communication, lack of a shared project vision, or mismatched expectations often contribute to the challenges of team expansion. These issues are solved in the initial stages or by transparent communication.

There's no standard way to make software team extension seamless, but you can stay connected, sync in time to stay on the same page, set clear rules for reporting and KPIs, and more.

Well, it usually depends on your needs and which model you choose, complex and long-term projects require a larger budget, but timely team extension is always a cost-effective solution.

There are several options, and the most common is from big to small. Find a service provider that meets your needs and entrust them with the choice of developers. Studying the portfolio and interviewing directly with the performers will be decisive arguments.

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