Cross-Platform App Development Services

Create an app that works seamlessly on any device and operating system with our cross-platform app development services. We build professional software development teams that develop highly customized and cost-effective solutions matching your business needs and requirements.

Our Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Services

Reach your target audience on any Android and iOS device using cross-platform mobile app development services. It is a cost-effective, scalable, and fully customizable solution for almost any idea. Our mobile app developers will expand your capabilities with modern technologies. AnyforSoft creates cross-platform apps that withstand the competition.

Advance user journey with new features. On the way to intuitiveness and attractive user interface, we thoroughly explore your customer’s needs and preferences to create a rich user experience that will increase loyalty to your brand, conversions, and profits. The final design will look great on all mobile platforms, be it iOS, Android, or another system.

Enhance your old-version or native app with the trend solution designed by a highly experienced cross-platform mobile application development company. We conduct deep analysis and audits to identify areas for improvement and implement them, transforming old apps into new products.

Access native apps’ advantages with hybrid mobile apps. Using plugins and frameworks, our developers combine web programming languages with native technology to create business-specific products.

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Cross-Platform App Development Technologies We Use

Cross-Platform Solutions Offerings

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology

Stay on the same page with your customer. Send personalized, location-specific notifications to their mobile device whenever the need arises.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cross-platform apps are designed to be accessed over the Internet by many types of portable computing devices by any potential users.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Become digital: mobile wallet is a reliable, convenient, and safe way to pay for goods or services using only mobile gadgets.

Why Choose Cross-Platform App Development?

By opting for cross-platform mobile app development solutions, you receive many benefits that will help you achieve your business goals much faster.


Here are the main advantages of cross-platform applications:

  • Reaching a wider audience. With cross-platform mobile apps, you can target both iOS and Android users as well as those who use another operating system.
  • Faster and flexible development, hence time-to-market. Cross-platform app development services take less time than the creation of native applications.  
  • Rich functionality and extensive customization. Thanks to experienced cross-platform developers in the team, we are able to create solutions of any complexity, providing rich functionality and advanced customization options.
  • Decreased development costs. You pay for the creation of one mobile app that will be available on multiple platforms. You don’t have to create a separate application for every platform.
  • Reusable code and native-like experience. We use modern cross-platform frameworks that offer a native-like experience. Thus, the end product will be as effective as a native application.

Our Cross-Platform Application Development Process

Providing cross-platform mobile application development services, we strive to fulfill all our clients’ needs and meet expectations, starting with cross-platform development consulting and ending with support and maintenance. The full-cycle development process contains several essential steps:

  1. Business analysis and building cross-platform development strategy.
  2. Creating catching intuitive UX/UI design.
  3. Cross-platform app development (implementing new features in case of update).
  4. Thorough testing by QA experts.
  5. Application launch and publishing in the app stores.
  6. Support and maintenance.

Cross-Platform Solutions Across Various Industries

We always keep abreast and follow the industry trends in development to bring maximum benefit to our clients.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Expand your business capabilities with reliable cross-platform app development services designed according to your needs: reach a wider audience, provide extensive experience, and enrich your mobile apps with new features.



Empower your educational organization with custom cross-platform solutions. AnyforSoft creates applications that simplify administrative, teaching, and learning tasks for schools, colleges, VET providers, universities, and institutions.

Why Choose Us as a Cross-Platform App Development Company?


We've been walking hand in hand with our clients for 10+ years now, always open to communication and implementing the most unexpected innovative ideas.


We are always very sensitive to the needs of our clients and strive to find the shortest path to success based on deep analysis and thorough work.


For each project, we choose a product development team of expert cross-platform app developers to embody the idea as clearly as possible.

Success Stories

Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment is the biggest theatre producer on the European continent. Having more than 20 theatres over 10 million visitors attend Stage Entertainment productions and shows every year. AnyforSoft is genuinely excited about participating in Stage Entertainment’s mission by developing the new content solution and launching a revamped digital platform. 

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What Our Clients Say


Cross-platform application development implies creating software applications that can work on different operating systems. Thus, cross-platform mobile applications are compatible with multiple operating systems, be it iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, while having a single code base. There are many frameworks (React Native, Ionic, Flutter, etc.) that allow developers to create such solutions. The main benefit of cross-platform app development services is that it allows you to create your application faster and cheaper while reaching a wider audience.

The native app operates only on a particular operating system. At the same time, cross-platform application development service provides the opportunity to build mobile apps that work as well as the native applications but on multiple mobile platforms, like Android or iOS.

Both hybrid and cross-platform apps can be a smart development solution, but cross-platform is much closer to native apps, hence providing better performance and customer experience. Choose cross-platform app development services if you need more specific features.

Cross-platform applications have several advantages over native apps:

  • Faster development. Instead of creating several apps, you develop only one.
  • Lower development costs. Investing in one application is cheaper for obvious reasons.
  • Reaching a wider audience. With an app that works perfectly across multiple platforms and operating systems, you can reach a wider audience.

It depends on multiple factors, including the complexity of your app, the number of team members involved in the process, the tech stack used (some technologies are rare and thus require narrow expertise), and so on. Considering all this, we can’t say how much cross-platform application development is going to cost in your particular case. However, you can always contact us and receive a cost estimate after providing us with your project details.

It depends on the complexity of your app and numerous other factors. A simple solution can be created within 1 to 3 months whereas a complex application may require 6 months or even more to develop. Please note that these are approximate estimates and development times vary from project to project. To receive more accurate data, contact us and provide us with your project details so that we can estimate the development time. 

When providing cross-platform development services, we use the latest technologies that ensure the reliability and security of your data. Moreover, additional measures may be taken.

There are multiple cross-platform frameworks that allow developers to create applications compatible with multiple operating systems. Currently, the most popular frameworks are React Native, Ionic, Flutter, Framework 7, and others. The choice of the framework should be dictated by your business requirements and application specifics. We already compared some of the mentioned technologies in our article on hybrid mobile app frameworks—make sure to check it out if you haven’t already. 

Here are some examples of the most popular and well-known cross-platform apps: eBay, Alibaba, Google Pay, Skype, Bloomberg, Shopify, BBC (Children's & Education apps), and EA Games.
You should apply to a cross-platform app development company if you want something similar.

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