Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

Take your business to the next level with our cross-platform mobile app development services by creating satisfying native user experiences on different platforms. Our product development team that cares about your time and budget will build a customized, cost-effective solution perfectly fitted to your business requirements.

Our Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Services

Reach your target audience on any device using cross-platform mobile app development services. It is a cost-effective, scalable, and fully customizable solution for almost any idea. We will expand your capabilities with modern technologies.

Advance user journey with new features. On the way to intuitiveness and attractive user interface, we thoroughly explore your customer’s needs and preferences to create a rich user experience that will increase loyalty to your brand, conversions, and profit.

Enhance your old-version or native app with the trend solution designed by a highly experienced cross-platform mobile application development company. We conduct deep analysis and audits to identify areas for improvement and implement them, transforming old apps into new products.

Access native apps’ advantages with hybrid mobile apps. Using plugins and frameworks, our developers combine web programming languages with native technology to create business-specific products.

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Cross-Platform App Development Technologies We Use

Cross-Platform Solutions Offerings

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology

Stay on the same page with your customer: send personalized, location-specific content to a consumer’s or patient’s mobile devices based on their location.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cross-platform apps are designed to be accessed over the Internet by many types of portable computing devices by any potential users.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Become digital: mobile wallet is a reliable, convenient, and safe way to pay for goods or services using only mobile gadgets.

Why Choose Cross-Platform App Development?

By betting on cross-platform mobile app development solutions, you get several additional advantages that will significantly accelerate the achievement of business goals.

  • Maximum audience coverage.
  • Faster and flexible development, hence time-to-market.
  • Rich functionality and extensive customization.
  • Cost-effective development of one mobile app that will be available on multiple platforms.
  • Reusable code and native experience.

Our Cross-Platform Development Workflow

Providing cross-platform mobile application development services, we strive to fulfill all our clients’ needs and meet expectations, starting with cross-platform development consulting and ending with support and maintenance. The full-cycle development process contains several essential steps:

  1. Business analysis and building cross-platform development strategy.
  2. Creating catching intuitive UX/UI design.
  3. Cross-platform app development (implementing new features in case of update).
  4. Thorough testing by QA experts.
  5. Application launch and publishing in the app stores.
  6. Support and maintenance.

Cross-Platform Solutions Across Various Industries

We always keep abreast and follow the industry trends and development, focusing on a few to bring maximum benefit to our clients.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Expand your business capabilities with reliable cross-platform app development services designed according to your needs: reach a wider audience, provide extensive experience, and enrich your mobile apps with new features.



Make the most out of one rapidly growing business domain with cross-platform mobile development services. Mobile applications based on cross-platform technology provide you with a fast start, accelerated target audience coverage, and higher revenue.

Why Choose Us as a Cross-Platform App Development Company?


We've been walking hand in hand with our clients for 10+ years now, always open to communication and implementing the most unexpected innovative ideas.


We are always very sensitive to the needs of our clients and strive to find the shortest path to success based on deep analysis and thorough work.


For each project, we choose a product development team of expert cross-platform app developers to embody the idea as clearly as possible.

Success Stories

Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment is the biggest theatre producer on the European continent. Having more than 20 theatres over 10 million visitors attend Stage Entertainment productions and shows every year. AnyforSoft is genuinely excited about participating in Stage Entertainment’s mission by developing the new content solution and launching a revamped digital platform. 

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