Case Study

Simultaneous website and mobile app development from scratch


The client needed a comprehensive IT solution for his idea: creating a portal with a feed of the latest crypto news available in one click.


The key challenge was to combine several connected features:  collect and categorize crypto articles from all over the web using the latest classification engine, allowing users to customize the feed according to their needs and preferences.


For implementation, it was necessary to simultaneously develop and launch a website with an easy, intuitive design and a cross-platform mobile application.


There were several core issues that required solvation:

  • The need to process vast amounts of data from hundreds of sources; 
  • Displaying info to users in real-time mode;
  • Implementing a feature of smart filtering of content; 
  • Enabling users to customize their preferences and settings.

Compound tech solution with multi-level architecture for seamless product operation


The key to success lies in understanding how the portal works, both web and mobile.


To solve critical challenges and meet expectations, our developers created a complex architecture to ensure the product's high performance, efficient request processing, and quick response.


The platform also has a lot of third-party integration, and this elegant and sophisticated solution was implemented to prevent the website or app failure in case some of them stop working correctly. While some services could not be available, the whole service will be operating as usual.


Rapid Development

Building web and mobile products simultaneously requires out-of-the-box thinking. To reduce the development time as much as possible and ensure the smooth operation of the website and the mobile application, the product development team has selected the optimal combination of technologies that allows using the back-end of the web portal to build a mobile application for Android and iOS.

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Developing the product from scratch, we always keep usability, availability, and reliability in mind.

Robust infrastructure

The robust infrastructure on Amazon web servers to ensure the smooth operation of the product.

Middleware service

The middleware service which is responsible for transferring knowledge between all the operations that take place in microservices.

Integration with different social network services

Integration with different social network services to sign up /sign in.

Integration via API

Integration with several crypto services via API to receive different crypto-based data to be displayed on the website / in the mobile applications.

External advertisement services

Integration with external advertisement services.


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