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Having more than 10 years of experience, our team provides a wide range of e-Learning software development services. We implement the latest technologies and best industry practices to create five-star educational apps tailored to your business needs and product vision.

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Industries We Build e-Learning Tools For

Our e-Learning software solutions empower organizations in the education sector. We create unique online learning tools that simplify administrative, teaching, and learning tasks for VET providers, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. You can rest assured that your product will resonate both with students and educators, providing the smoothest user experience.

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AnyforSoft offers software solutions for corporate learning purposes. For businesses that require compliance training, onboarding, or product knowledge training, we provide custom tools that streamline these learning processes. We create e-Learning applications that improve the learning experience, helping employees acquire new skills and knowledge in the most efficient manner.

We offer custom e-Learning development for any business that deals with remote learning and training programs. Whether you need a web-based educational platform, a language-learning mobile application, a custom learning management system, or another solution, AnyforSoft has enough expertise to translate your idea into a successful product. We’ll do our best to ensure that the final product meets your business requirements and learning needs.

E-Learning Solutions We Create

AnyforSoft builds e-Learning solutions that are compliant with industry-wide standards. Your tool will support xAPI, LTI, SCORM, AICC, or any other specification of your choice.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) help businesses and educational institutions create, manage, and deliver online courses, training materials, and other educational content. We develop both cloud-based and server-based digital learning solutions with rich functionality, eye-catching design, API integrations, and advanced features.

Learning Experience Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms

An LXP is the best choice for those who want to personalize the learning experience for the end users. As an e-Learning software development company, we build user-centered learning experience platforms that offer each student a unique learning journey based on their preferences and interests.

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Why Develop E-Learning Software?

The e-Learning industry is flourishing. According to Statista, it is expected to reach a whopping $400 billion dollar mark by 2026. Given that the demand for e-Learning software will only increase, investing in custom e-Learning development services development is a prudent strategy in the long run.

With custom e-Learning solutions, you can:

  • Educate more effectively. e-Learning is self-paced, so it is less stressful and increases learner engagement as well as satisfaction.
  • Target learners all over the world without geographical restrictions.
  • Save costs. Learning with EdTech tools is more cost-effective compared to traditional learning. For example, IBM saved around $200 million by switching to e-Learning.
  • Increase employee retention. Research shows that companies that use e-Learning solutions for employee training increase employee retention by 24%.
  • Maximize time efficiency. Custom e-Learning solutions can reduce the overall learning time by 25-60%.
  • Deliver a better learning experience. With online learning tools, you’ll be able to customize the educational process and personalize learning activities for different needs, increasing student engagement and delivering a better experience.

Our Technology Stack

E-Learning Software Development Process

To ensure that your product succeeds, AnyforSoft builds a team with industry-specific knowledge. It takes care of every aspect of e-Learning software development, from strategy and planning to product deployment and maintenance. That way, you get all the services you need in one place, saving your budget.

Why Choose AnyforSoft for E-Learning Software Development

Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

Every web and mobile application we create goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. We won’t release your software until we are sure that it performs as intended and doesn’t have bugs that spoil the user experience.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

As an e-learning software development company, we apply proven third-party components and public APIs to facilitate the e-learning development process and minimize the end product’s cost. We also analyze the issues at hand and suggest the most cost-effective ways of eliminating them.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Over the last decade, we have worked with many businesses in the education industry. For example, we helped the largest German-language educational online portal for professional development achieve an 18% traffic increase, get 10% more subscribers, and increase website speed by 31%. We can benefit your e-learning projects as well!

Success Stories


Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution established in 1987 in the Netherlands. It specializes in business administration and management, offering multiple bachelor's and master's degree programs. Wittenborg brings together students of over 100 nationalities, creating a family-like environment where internationalization, diversity, and ethics provide the foundation for global learning.

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E-learning (also called electronic learning) refers to the delivery of learning and training through digital resources over the Internet. Unlike traditional learning settings, e-learning makes it possible for students, employees, and casual learners to participate in an organized learning experience regardless of their physical location. Thus, e-learning businesses can target users all over the world without having to worry about geographical restrictions.


Thanks to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, e-learning software offers personalized learning experiences based on a learner’s needs, goals, past learning habits, preferences, learning abilities, and other factors. This makes it far more effective than traditional learning and helps in engaging students.


Another big advantage of online learning is its cost-effectiveness. When education happens in the virtual space, you don’t need to spend money renting a place. IBM, for example, saved around $200 million by switching to e-learning.

We use agile methodologies when providing education software development services, so the development typically doesn’t take too long. For instance, a minimum viable product (MVP) can be created within 3-6 months depending on the project's complexity. As for more complex projects, they may require longer development time, depending on the features you want to build, UI/UX design solutions, the app’s architecture, and other factors.

Yes, software integration is part of our e-Learning services. We can integrate CRMs, ERPs, data analytics tools, social media apps, legacy applications, eCommerce solutions, HR software, and other third-party instruments of your choice. Note that all the integrations should be discussed before building an e-learning platform so that our specialists can prepare the app’s architecture for specific third-party software solutions.

It will depend on your project’s requirements. We can create any feature that you need, including course management, teacher and student profile pages, task management, analytics and reports, performance assessment, personalized learning, interactive learning, gamification, and so on.

We can’t estimate development costs without looking at your project first. The cost will depend on multiple factors, including the type of software you want to build, its features, UI/UX design, number of team members involved, technology stack used, and so on. If you want to receive a cost estimate for your project, feel free to contact us via the website form.

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