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Error fixes, timely CMS updates, module development


Imperial College Business School wasn’t satisfied with the performance of its website. Over time, the site accumulated many bugs that slowed it down and damaged the user experience. It had plenty of layout problems, and developer tools pointed out multiple errors that required attention.


Apart from that, the institution wanted to keep the website secure and up to date, so it needed to update the CMS in a timely manner. Another objective was to better organize the site’s drop-down menu and ensure straightforward navigation for its visitors. And last but not least, the team required custom modules for new pages to facilitate management processes.


At some point, Imperial College Business School found out about AnyforSoft and asked us for professional maintenance and support. That’s how we started working on the website.


To summarize, our main challenges included:

  • Fixing layout issues as well as other errors on the website to improve its performance.
  • Providing timely Drupal 9 updates to keep the site secure and up to date.
  • Helping the company organize the site’s drop-down menu for straightforward navigation. 
  • Developing custom modules for new pages in accordance with the client’s requirements and the provided design template.

Professional Maintenance and Support


We built a professional maintenance and support team to help Imperial College Business School improve its website.


The team eliminated layout issues as well as other technical errors, resulting in smoother website performance. We helped the institution organize the drop-down menu on the site by installing various Drupal modules and tweaking the back end. As a result, now the website has straightforward navigation and is easy to explore. We also developed custom modules in accordance with the customer’s requirements and design template, facilitating website management processes.


To keep the Imperial College Business School website secure and up to date, we installed the latest Drupal 9 updates and security patches and continue to do so with new updates as they are released. Given that Drupal 9 comes to its end of life in November 2023, we evaluated the scope of work required to upgrade the website to Drupal 10 and are now preparing it for migration.


In a relatively short period, we managed to yield positive results. In particular:

  • Better website performance and fewer technical issues.
  • Straightforward website navigation.
  • Increased security.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Long-term reliability.
  • Staying up to date with the newest technologies.

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To improve the user experience and make the site convenient, our developers implemented various functions.

Custom modules

Custom modules: We developed custom modules that help Imperial College Business School manage new pages

Improved drop-down menu

Improved drop-down menu: We installed Drupal modules to organize the site’s drop-down menu, ensuring straightforward navigation


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