Kharkiv2day is one of the biggest online news-portals dedicated to bringing the latest updates for Kharkiv region


The Challenge

Up-to-date design and user-friendly interface are crucial for each web-platform, especially if talking about News-portal, as you want your user to stay as long as possible.
Kharkiv2day asked us to redesign their web-platform and make users’ experience more comfortable so they can smoothly glide through thousands of articles.



Implement up-to-date design and more relevant UI/UX
Improve security
Enhance stability and resiliency
Multilingual capabilities
Content delivery to various news aggregators
Social media integration


Our team fulfilled a migration from WordPress to Drupal 8 and integrated Thunder CMS to make the life of editors easier. Along with stakeholders they can know experience handy-content management with such features:

  • Publishing schedule for the content;
  • Mobile-friendly software which has responsive frontend and backend themes;
  • Dynamic content with movable paragraphs, video, and social media cards;
  • Preview mode, allowing you to get the idea of your article’s outlook;
  • Easier media handling when uploading photos or videos to an article, requiring less preparation;
  • Possibility to create a strategic plan for a web media;
  • Possibility to develop their own design from scratch;
  • Integration with Facebook and Google AMP;
  • Extended publishing community which supports contribution and sharing between the members


Website is now much more secure thanks to the latest Drupal installation and owners can rely on its stability and resiliency. 
Multimedia capabilities are now much more diverse and users can interact with the platform by using social media integration. Hence, revamped digital presence allowed Kharkiv2day to increase attendance on 11% and the time spent by the user on the site on 14%.

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