Dedicated team

DrupalCon Vienna was our first major Drupal event and it was the place where we met our current customer; a big Drupal agency from the Baltic region. At that time, the customer was a little bit skeptical about offshore development. Nevertheless they had a sporadic and urgent request for a Senior Drupal developer and we agreed to see how it would work with us. You never know before you try.



Projects delivered on time


Times increased client flexibility

The Challenge

It was important for the customer to hire external Drupal 
developers on the staff augmentation model, otherwise, they 
wouldn't be able to deliver projects on time, thus we started with
one Senior Drupal developer. The collaboration then paused for
several months. With time, the customer got back to us for 
another Drupal Tech-Lead. 

This involvement appeared beneficial for the client and we 
extended the team with Middle and Junior Drupal developers
who were mentored by the Tech-Lead mentioned above.


Due to this collaboration, the customer achieved flexibility 
as our team would work on 5 projects at the same 
time. We also helped to increase the number of
delivered projects. In the customer’s region, the demand for Drupal 
requests is higher than the supply of Drupal developers. 

Currently, the team is composed of:

  • Tech Lead;
  • three Middle BE Drupal developers;
  • Junior BE Drupal developer;
  • Middle FE Drupal developer;
  • QA Engineer.

This team is interchangeable so that we can instantly replace 
a developer if he’s on a vacation, takes sick leave or for any 
other reason.

Our cooperation is completely based on the staff augmentation model and several of our teammates worked on 2-3 projects simultaneously.

  • Team of 7 people

  • 5 active projects
    at the same time

To sum-up, we help our customers to scale and develop their business in the long-run.
We also met the customer at the CEO Dinner for DrupalCon Amsterdam, and 
expect to strengthen the Drupal team and start collaboration on React.js.

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