Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

AnyforSoft provides round-the-clock Drupal support and maintenance services. We will assist you with bug fixes, security updates, code reviews, performance optimization, and other maintenance tasks. Keep your website secure, high-performing, and up to date with a professional Drupal support team that cares.

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What’s Included in Our Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

As a Drupal maintenance and support company with over 12 years of experience, AnyforSoft will take full care of your website. Our services include:

Drupal Updates

Drupal Updates

Keeping your version of Drupal up to date is paramount to website performance and security. Our Drupal support experts will regularly update the content management system and apply security patches so that you can enjoy the newest CMS features while keeping your Drupal website well-protected. We can upgrade any Drupal version (Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Drupal 9) or even migrate your content from another CMS.

Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing

Any Drupal site accumulates bugs over time. Neglecting them leads to performance issues that can damage the website’s user experience and rankings. To prevent that, our maintenance team will conduct regular site audits and promptly fix any bugs that occur. We will help you with broken links, cross-browser compatibility issues, form validation errors, slow loading speed, and other issues on your Drupal website.

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Why Invest in Drupal Website Maintenance and Support?

Ongoing support and maintenance are the foundation of a successful Drupal site. These services are necessary to:

  • Keep your website secure. To ensure your website isn’t vulnerable to external threats, you should regularly install CMS security updates and patches.
  • Ensure high performance. Performance issues accumulate over time. If you leave them unaddressed, your website will gradually become slow and laggy.
  • Provide a good user experience. Without adequate maintenance and support measures, you won’t be able to provide a good UX, which will result in lower conversions.
  • Secure good SEO rankings. The performance of your website directly affects its position in search results. Monitoring PageSpeed Insights, Core Web Vitals, and other performance-related metrics and optimizing your website accordingly will help you rank higher.
  • Stay compliant. Laws and regulations related to websites and online content may change. Regular maintenance helps you stay compliant with legal requirements, such as data protection laws, accessibility standards, and more.

Why Choose AnyforSoft for Drupal Support and Maintenance?

Flexible Engagement Models

Our development team provides both ongoing and one-time Drupal maintenance services. You can choose any engagement model that aligns with your current project requirements, business needs, and budget.

Drupal Specialization

Drupal has been one of our primary specializations for over 12 years. We are proud to have a team of Acquia-certified developers who demonstrate advanced Drupal expertise and can handle projects of any complexity.

Customer-Oriented Company

AnyforSoft is a customer-oriented company. When providing support and maintenance services, we do our best to meet the customer’s expectations and requirements. With our Drupal development team, you can rest assured your website is in good hands.

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