AnyforSoft cooperating with WehaveAnyspace in building an Airbnb-like platform for commercial real estate.




Mobile traffic increased


More users spend time on a website


Server performance improved


Revenue growth with the latest redesign 

The Challenge

Create a truly convenient real estate platform that combines multifunctionality with a user-friendly interface and supports several languages. Key requirements included the ability for users to easily make and manage their rental orders, geolocation functionality, and a clear and intuitive way of interaction between users and managers.


AnyforSoft has built the technical part of a solid business for WehaveAnyspace, and continue to improve and develop solutions together using Drupal CMS as the main core of the platform, integrating a bunch of other third-party tools. We have also added a convenient tool for the clients to cover needs in office spaces and more - virtual offices, meeting rooms (in the future). Communication between clients and business, various requests for each type of need. Business went even further and our tool permitted to grow into a franchise model next to the classic business model.

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Building the catalog of real estate
Responsive UI
Google maps integration and geolocation recognition
Integration with Zoho CRM leads
Autocomplete search by street, city, region
Mailchimp newsletter
English and Dutch multi-language
Continuous performance improvements
Identifying location on 8 countries
Search engine optimization
Numerous custom request forms
User’s selected items shortlist
Continuous integration and deployment

Technical Expertise Used

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