Dropsolid is an award-winning Drupal agency with a presence in the Belgian market. Local companies rely on Dropsolid’s proven experience and great reputation in Open-Source technologies, which leads to a stable and healthy sales pipeline. Still, the Belgian market for Drupal developers is limited and having a reliable and trusted Drupal partner is a perfect way to skyrocket the company growth.

The Challenge

Dropsolid was in search of a reliable partner that could work on a project-to-project basis and provide highly-experienced and dedicated developers at the same time. The vendor also needed to be adaptable enough to keep in line with their development flow and working with Rocketship Distribution.

Rocketship by Dropsolid is an out-of-the-box tool that is used on every Drupal project in Dropsolid. It allows customers to choose the functionality they want to have on their website. This distributor significantly reduces cost and delivery time to the market.


At the very beginning, we assigned two dedicated developers to work on several fixed-price projects based on Rocketship Distribution. It was a challenge for us to adapt to Dropsolid’s requirements and after several months of cooperation, we managed to run projects more smoothly.

Business value Delivered

Currently, we have two dedicated developers assigned to two different teams. Both of them are participating in several different projects at the same time.

1.5 years

successful collaboration


more projects

As mentioned above, it was crucial for Dropsolid to have the same quality as they have in-house, thus we did our best to chose developers who fully met their requirements. For the entirety of our collaboration, Dropsolid gained 27% more projects.

There was a period when we were running two projects and assigned two dedicated developers, so the team had reached nine people. We’re in the process of establishing long-term collaboration and adjusting our workflow to be followed on a regular basis, accordingly.

Having their outsourced team on board reduces costs and boosts competitiveness. Their commitment to client satisfaction is their biggest strength.

Nick Veenhof
Chief Technical Officer, Dropsolid

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