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Team6 FTE
Year Launched2022

Designing and developing a separate website tailored specifically for Eastern Europe and Central Asia


As part of its ongoing efforts to expand reporting on Bitcoin to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the company decided to establish a new bureau in Kyiv, Ukraine. Thus, it needed a Ukrainian version of the website. 


Instead of simply translating the existing site, Bitcoin Magazine decided that it would be wiser to build a separate platform tailored specifically for the Ukrainian audience. So the company contacted us with a task to create a UI/UX design and develop the new site from scratch.


Bitcoin Magazine wanted the new website to be consistent with its parent version, yet it also had to have unique features to possess a distinct identity. Our main challenge was to design and develop the website in such a way as to keep consistency between the two websites while introducing something new. At the time, the client didn't provide us with a complete list of requirements, which complicated the task.

Maintaining consistency while creating a site with a distinct identity


To fully meet the client’s needs and requirements, we meticulously analyzed the US version of the magazine and used it as a foundation when building the new website. We decided to use the color scheme of the parent website to maintain visual consistency. At the same time, we introduced various new features to give the Ukrainian version of the magazine a distinct identity.


Taking the client's request into account, we implemented an admin panel that was designed to be useful and user-friendly for a large number of content editors, with particular attention paid to the needs of those in the media sphere. Using Drupal technology, we developed the site from scratch, making it highly convenient for content moderation and scheduling. We also incorporated fundamental SEO configurations such as robots.txt, meta tags, sitemap, aliases, and redirects.


Today, the Ukrainian site’s functionality is on par with its US counterpart.

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To make the Ukrainian version of Bitcoin Magazine convenient and meet the client’s requirements, we paid attention to various issues.

Color scheme consistency

Color scheme consistency: the color scheme of the US version of the website was used in order to ensure consistency between the US and Ukrainian platforms

Admin panel

Admin panel: designed with content editors in mind to ensure user-friendliness and convenience

Fundamental SEO configurations

Fundamental SEO configurations: fundamental SEO configurations such as robots.txt, meta tags, sitemap, aliases, and redirects were implemented to make the site SEO-friendly


What client says

Ukraine flagOlena Nevmerzhytska
General Manager, BitCoin Magazine
AnyforSoft completed the website on time, and the client was pleased with the final outcome. Not only was the team organized, but they were also described as effective, proactive, and efficient.

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