Megapolis is well known in its region recruiting agency, which specializes in recruiting C and A level management, highly skilled specialists, and talented performers. 



Security issues


Improvement of website speed

The Challenge

The company contacted AnyforSoft to resolve the problem of the high cost of hosting. The company of this size didn’t want to invest in large hosting plans which included full-fledged support services, but at the same time, they didn’t want to leave their site without any support at all. That’s where we became of great help.


As an IT company, we feature a large infrastructure based on the Hetzner platform. It serves as our main development environment. As an optimal solution, we suggested the client to host a server in our infrastructure and provide the necessary security and fault tolerance. 

The server has all the necessary components for the correct and safe functioning of the website.

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The Megapolis company was more than happy to accept our rates for the site 
hosting and services for monitoring and maintenance.

As a result, we guarantee the client high fault tolerance and quick incident response which are not always 
the case on large hosting providers which mainly concentrate on bigger clients.

Technical Expertise Used

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