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Gamification in E-Learning: How It Can Benefit Your Application

Sometimes it is hard to engage users, especially when it comes to learning. The process of learning something is often associated with boredom, dullness, and repetitiveness. To acquire new knowledge or skill, a learner has to be strongly disciplined, patient, and perseverant; and let’s be honest, many lack these qualities. But what if we turn the learning process into something engaging and fun? What if we make it feel like a game? That is what gamification in e-Learning is all about. By introducing game elements to your educational app, you will make the learning experience more interactive and exciting while significantly enhancing user retention. As a company that specializes in e-Learning software development, AnyforSoft wants to elaborate more on the importance of gamification in the e-Learning industry. Keep reading to: learn what gamification in e-Learning is; see examples of applications that use gamified elements; explore the benefits of gamification. Without further ado, let’s get started. What is gamification in e-Learning? In simple terms, gamification in online learning is adding game-like elements and gaming mechanics to online learning platforms. These game-based elements include: achievement badges; leadership boards; various points; progress indicators; mini-games; quizzes, and so on. The primary goal behind eLearning gamification is to make the learning journey more interactive, appealing, and engaging, thus increasing user retention rates. Gamification of e-Learning has nothing to do with creating an entire video game alongside your online courses. As noted above, it is about introducing game mechanics to your application to turn rather boring learning activities into fun and engaging experiences. For example, by creating leadership boards, you will introduce healthy competition to your e-Learning course. That will motivate learners to study harder in order to outperform their fellows. You can also add awarding badges to provide learners with a sense of achievement and incentivize hard work.
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