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Free Webinar: Revolutionizing Business School Websites

The webinar “Revolutionizing Business School Websites” which was held on February 14, 2024, unveils the power of website redesign. We shared our redesign expertise, showcasing how we helped Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences improve user engagement, student enrollment, and content management. Our speakers, Stan Tymoshenko (Head of Business Development, AnyforSoft) and Peter Birdsall (President of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences), discussed what it takes to redesign a website with a mobile-first approach, covering everything from layout strategies to effective CMS solutions. Although this webinar is focused on the education sector, the best practices we covered apply to any business and industry. So if you want to elevate your web presence, make sure to check it out (the video is below). What You’ll Learn How to Improve Student Enrollment. Student enrollment is critical for any educational institution. Learn what may hinder the process and how it can be improved through website redesign. How to Streamline Content Management. Websites of educational institutions deal with lots of different content types. Discover best content management practices that streamline the process and help save valuable time. How to Deliver a Smoother User Experience. For global organizations like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, consistent user experience across different devices and locations is critical. Find out the factors that spoil the user experience and what to do about them. Who Is This Webinar For? Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences students, staff, professors, and potential applicants. Owners of business schools and universities. UX/UI designers and web developers. Anyone interested in website redesign best practices. AnyforSoft is a software development company with 12+ years of experience. Over the course of our work, we have delivered more than 150 projects, helping clients all over the world achieve digital excellence. We have expertise in multiple industries, and this webinar is your chance to access a goldmine of valuable information for free. Watch it today:
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