23 Famous Drupal Websites

Nowadays there are tons of platforms you can use for your site development. You can use them depending on the price, architecture, or your personal liking. If you are not ready or simply don’t need to build a whole website from scratch, you can turn to one of the CMS's (content management systems). They are currently presented in such a variety that you might get lost trying to understand them all. While WordPress remains the most popular option when CMS's come into play, there are a few other options that might suit you even better. One of those is Drupal. Let’s take a closer look at what Drupal is and some famous Drupal websites. What is Drupal? Drupal is a content management system that includes standard content-altering features as well as many other features. Unlike WordPress, which is mainly used for blogs, Drupal can be used for a variety of things. This is one of the reasons why there is such a large number of famous Drupal sites. Drupal is a well-developed open-source software that is almost two decades old. As well as the other CMS's, Drupal allows you to manage content to your liking. You can decide how the content will look, who can edit it and how they can edit it, set certain limitations, and so on. What makes Drupal different from other CMS's is its flexibility and scalability. It’s a very flexible software that allows you to create any content you want. As for scalability, websites using Drupal can use any of the multiple modules already available for the software. And since Drupal CMS is open-source you can create a new module if you didn’t find the one you want. What are the uses of the Drupal content management system? Due to its flexibility and scalability, Drupal is not restricted to any kind. Given that, websites on Drupal include but aren’t limited to the following: personal or corporate websites community portals blogs, portfolios, multimedia sites forums social networking sites multi-language websites  eCommerce sites business directories Who uses Drupal? 23 Top Drupal Websites To Get You Inspired To back up all the talk made before, we are going to give you a few examples of Drupal-built websites. Those range from USA governmental sites, which they use to talk to the public, to news channels, blogs, universities, and some enterprise companies. Entertainment Weekly One of the best Drupal websites, Entertainment Weekly is a publication owned by Time, Inc. They cover art subjects like music, theater, television, concerts, and so on. They are famous for covering celebrity stories, ticket sales, publications, and ratings.   The City of London The City of London uses Drupal CMS to provide updates to citizens, communicate any changes, and get feedback. Besides posting information on the website, they allow citizens to take surveys and discuss anything that is posted.   New York State The New York State website provides information about everything related to the territory of the state. All alerts, news, and attractions are posted there. One can also check information regarding services provided and apply for jobs, scholarships, and certifications available.   Australian Government The Australian Government - one of the government websites built with Drupal - gives information on basically anything related to the country, from government info to visas and tourist attractions. You can also find information about education, health, and environment. It is also possible to check local news and social media and get to the governmental portal.   Taboola Taboola is a platform for content marketing that allows you to display any content related to the user's previous search. This robust Drupal website is used by giants like BBC, Huffington Post, and USA Today.   NCAA NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association) is a non-profit institution in the USA that regulates athletes from more than 1000 institutions across the US. Those include colleges, conferences, and even individuals. And they have developed their website using Drupal.   Tesla One of the most prominent examples of a Drupal website is Tesla, which has been in so many discussions lately. The world’s best electric car manufacturer is one of the largest Drupal website examples. Tesla used Drupal to build their multi-language websites. Looks pretty neat and easy to use.   Box Box is a simple file sharing and collaboration software company. They have built their website with Drupal to provide their services. The software can be integrated with a number of other solutions like Office365, Slack, IBM, GoogleApps, etc. Some of the biggest clients of the company include P&G, Boston Scientific, and Pandora.   Verizon Verizon has a very simple and great website for their Digital media Services created with Drupal. It’s quite minimalistic but has all the information you might need. This proves once again, how widely the Drupal software can be used.   Pinterest Pinterest chose Drupal for the business part of their website. This part is dedicated to businesses working with Pinterest. It also provides solutions for working with them, success stories, and some other useful information.   Twitter Yes, you read it right, huge corporations like Twitter are also using Drupal. Even though Twitter itself is not built on Drupal, it uses the software for its developers portal. This is where they provide their API, documentation, and forward you to the Forums.
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