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Your Ultimate 135-point Website Usability Checklist

We could start this article by preaching that every website must be user-friendly and provide an excellent experience. That every design and optimization decision you make should be aimed at improving the user journey. And that customer satisfaction defines your revenue and business success. But you already know all that, don’t you? You’re aware of the importance of making your site usable and how it can benefit you. The real question is, what constitutes usability? And no less importantly, how to tell if a website has good usability or not? As you know, there are hundreds of factors that impact how users perceive your website and shape their experience. From the site’s loading speed to the consistency of its layout to the responsiveness of the design to the navigation. And before making conclusions regarding your website’s usability, you have to check whether it possesses the characteristics of usable and user-friendly websites. This article will help you with that! As a company that has created dozens of user-centered UX/UI design solutions, AnyforSoft is here to provide you with a comprehensive website usability checklist. It will help you analyze your website from different perspectives and give you an idea of how usable it is. Without further ado, let’s get started! What is website usability and usability testing? Before looking at the checklist, let’s briefly discuss what website usability is. Google defines the term “usability” as “the degree to which something is able or fit to be used.” In the web realm, we can say that usability is the ease with which users navigate your site and perform the intended actions. The thing is, with the abundance of websites on the internet, modern users don’t tolerate bad user experience. For example, if a mobile site loads for longer than 3 seconds, 53% of visits are abandoned, as revealed by a Google Consumer Insights report. Apart from slow website loading speed, there are numerous other issues that damage usability and prevent businesses from making sales. To detect those issues, business owners use what is known as website usability testing. A usability test is a complicated process requiring attention to detail. There are multiple types of it: heatmaps, A/B testing, surveys, paper prototyping, and so on. Some usability testing methods require the attention of IT specialists (developers, designers, etc.) and can take weeks. In this article, we don’t give you any tips on how to test your website and don’t discuss website testing intricacies. What we offer is a detailed website usability checklist that you can follow by yourself, without involving your team. Its goal is to show you how usable your site is in terms of design, navigation, technical optimization, mobile-friendliness, and functionality.
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