10 Famous Websites Built with React JS

List of Websites That Use React JS React has gained its stable popularity due to creating fast and efficiently scalable web applications. React JS websites bypass all similar technical offers due to its high performance. AnyforSoft has conducted a complex analysis of websites built with React JS worldwide. Yahoo. A US company owns the second most popular search engine globally and provides many services united by Yahoo! Directory. The portal includes the popular Yahoo email service Mail, one of the oldest and most popular websites. Yahoo is a React-based website with the most significant number of visitors monthly. Yahoo. A US company owns the second most popular search engine globally and provides many services united by Yahoo! Directory. The portal includes the popular Yahoo email service Mail, one of the oldest and most popular websites. Yahoo is a React-based website with the most significant number of visitors monthly.   Discord. It is a free messenger with support for IP telephony and video conferencing, designed for various communities of interest, is most popular with gamers and students. You see, it’s one of the most popular React JS website examples with a large audience.   CNN. It is a news website created by Ted Turner forty years ago. It is a division of the Turner Broadcasting System, which Warner Media owns. Now Cnn is a great React JS website example, which provides high performance and a rich user interface.   Globo. It is the first largest Portuguese-language telecommunications company globally and Brazil, the leading Brazilian TV channel. It is part of the media group Grupo Globo. With the benefits of React JS, Glovo provides the best interfaces and performance opportunities for live-streaming broadcasts.   BBC. BBC is one of the oldest media companies in the world. People tend to trust BBC news globally, which means that corporate owners simply can not disappoint fans with low-quality web service. This is the main reason React was chosen as a base for the BBC online resource.   PayPal.PayPal is the most extensive electronic debit payment system in the world. It allows customers to pay bills and purchases, send and receive money transfers. PayPal is one of the brilliant React JS websites examples of great-customized interface and high-security level   Airbnb. Airbnb is another successful example of a React JS website. This service marketplace brings landlords and potential tenants together in one place. It offers a decent, cheaper alternative to booking resources by collecting hotel, hostel, and other temporary accommodation offers.   Netflix. Netflix is one of the most popular providers of media content in the modern entertainment market, offering TV shows, movies, etc. Everything is readily available to stream in high definition right inside a beautiful, rapid interface. Netflix was thought out in specific detail. Everything from artificial intelligence-based searches to full compatibility with various media devices is worked out at the top level.   Tesla. The team of Elon Musk also decided to go for the advanced web engineering technology of React JS as a foundation of the official Tesla Motors resource.   Atlassian. Atlassian is among the most famous vendor companies on the planet. Previously, it has provided such monumental solutions as JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, etc. This website, as you have already guessed, is also based on React JS. Read also: Famous Drupal Websites Why Do Websites Choose React JS? React JS is an open-source JavaScript library used to provide high-performance UI solutions. At its core lies a unique page rendering mechanism, which allows all the content to refresh immediately in response to user actions. The Facebook developers started React JS in 2011 and first used it in the Facebook app, and to this day, it has a large community supporting it and many resources to learn it. According to the Stack Survey in 2021, React is a loved and respectful framework that professional developers and business owners choose worldwide. How Does React JS Work? From a technical point of view, the creators' ultimate goal for React JS was to keep code from "attaching" to data flow every time and, instead, to start defining interface depending on its various states. This allows for the creation of independent components (rather than blank code ‘sheets’), which, in turn, significantly facilitates debugging and modernization procedures that involve the previously existing code. Read more about React's benefits for web development. Do you want to use the best options for your website? Our team of React JS developers is ready to help! What are the Benefits of React JS for Business? Here's a brief overview of the React JS advantages for business:  Performance Optimization and Faster Rendering Instead of the traditional Document Object Model (DOM), which is a kind of tree-shaped data representation, React JS uses a newer concept - Virtual DOM. The main feature of DOM is its non-adaptive capabilities in the creation of dynamic user interface solutions. This means that web interfaces in this format are low-performing and unable to meet the maximum user wait limit, which is three seconds. Moreover, when it comes to the development of the scrolling elements (which are frequently used in social media timelines), you can forget about DOM, at all, if you wish your content to load immediately.  Because of the mentioned tree shape (in the case of social networks, tress can include thousands of nodes) the browser is required to "redraw' the previous DOM representation in order to update web data. From a practical perspective, this is a resource-intensive procedure that seriously slows down the refreshing process. Alternatively, Virtual DOM used on sites using React JS employs only a lightweight version of the original DOM. A browser juxtaposes the old DOM representation onto the new one and refreshes only the nodes requiring changes (i.e., the interface is partially refreshed).  This feature allows the creation of high-performance interfaces that react, immediately, even to the minimum user-provoked changes. It also makes programmers more efficient, requiring them to write less code.  Repeated Use of Code Modular code representation opportunities in sites that use React JS enable developers to use separate modular components with other projects. All the code-base is subdivided into the maximum number of parts, each of which describes a certain function. These parts are then reassembled. Such an approach significantly facilitates code debugging, making the identification of errors a highly time-efficient affair. Similarly, modular components will come in handy during the development of a new software version of an existing product. In such a case, you will not have to go through the whole code in order to update numerous connections - just enable the unchanged connections with rewritten modules. Without a doubt, this is a great advantage React JS has over most web engineering tools specialists have had to use in the past. Stability of Components React websites are based on the one-way data binding principle. This provides code composition flexibility and guarantees that any changes being applied to lower-level structures will not affect higher-level elements. It should be noted that this is a controversial capability and developers working with React JS have split down the middle over this aspect. Some believe that this feature significantly reduces the time needed to write code (as higher-level elements remain unchanged) whereas others are dissatisfied with the increased risks of complex errors appearing. Overall, we would say that it certainly is not a bad thing. It would allow for clean code and result in no excessive code structures, which is a common issue in other web engineering programs such as Angular JS which are based on two-way data binding. These updates are the things for which we at React JS should go the extra mile. Constantly Growing Structure As we have already mentioned, React JS is an open-source structure created by the Facebook team. For developers, this means a) they get to involve third-party tools and libraries (which allows creating the most extraordinary web solutions with React JS), and b) they get to participate in one of the most rapidly growing programming communities in the world. Indeed, React JS is used by over 36 million specialists from all over the world regularly. Read also why React developers need Nodejs Allowing to break down the UI into simpler components React JS provides an extremely flexible and efficient solution. These advantages made it the future of web development so that numerous leading sites have chosen it. Startups and business owners pick React to use the most cost-effective yet powerful solution keeping up with the modern trends of software development. Best React websites show the capabilities of this framework from a business standpoint offering the best rendering performance. The React JS examples shared above demonstrate that this framework has huge potential for software ideas of any scale and in any niche. Why Do You Need React JS for Your Business? React JS is a powerful technology to join for your next or current projects. If your goal is to achieve market leadership by taking advantage of our rapid software development services and achieve your business goal, you need to pay attention to how React JS works in the mighty world. What are the advantages of React JS? React JS provides a significant number of pros to create the best options for your software development. Let's watch the complete list: Scalability  Rich user Interfaces  Easy to learn and work Stable code Custom components Fast Rendering It Uplifts Developers' Productivity Little pitfalls SEO-friendly Performance Enhancement Knowing these vast advantages, AnyforSoft will do everything possible to ensure that your project becomes successful as quickly as possible. Our programmers work hard to improve their React systems and strategies, such as the library of code snippets and Bit instruments. For several years we have gathered a lot of experience in ReactJS to be the company you can trust. Ready to start with AnyforSoft custom web development?  Summary Some of the most popular websites in the world use the React JS library. That, alone, should be sufficient reason to choose this tool in your own web-building efforts. Keep in mind, however, that its use requires a sufficient level of professional competency (and you can make sure of ours by checking some of the projects that we did). Now, AnyforSoft offers a 20% discount to try Discovery Phase! Let’s talk about your brilliant idea!
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