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As an LMS development company with over 10 years of experience, AnyforSoft builds cutting-edge learning management systems with advanced functionality. Empower your organization with a custom LMS solution that delivers the smoothest learning experience while meeting your business needs and requirements.

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LMS Development Services We Provide

Get a custom learning management system designed specifically for your learning needs. We develop server-based and cloud-based LMS solutions, helping customers facilitate learning processes, increase learner engagement, and maximize time efficiency. The end product will offer rich functionality, support for advanced features, and an intuitive UI. Our LMS developers will also ensure that it's compliant with SCORM and other industry standards: xAPI, LTI, AICC, etc.

Unlock the full potential of your learning management system with our comprehensive LMS consulting services. Our expert consultants will analyze your current LMS setup, assess your learning objectives, and provide strategic guidance to optimize its performance and effectiveness. We will identify areas of improvement, recommend best practices, and suggest tailored solutions to enhance user experience, increase learner engagement, and streamline administrative processes. Our LMS consulting services empower you to make data-driven decisions and achieve your organization's learning goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Already using ready-made LMS software but want to improve it? AnyforSoft will customize any open-source learning management system and tailor it to your individual requirements. We’ll get rid of excessive functionality and add the features you need, improving the system’s overall performance. We can also rebrand the LMS completely so that it perfectly reflects your brand identity. Compared to LMS software development from scratch, the customization requires less development time and budget.

Gain access to endless opportunities with AnyforSoft’s LMS integration services. We will integrate your learning management system with various e-Learning solutions, payment systems, e-commerce apps, CRMs, data analytics tools, and other software you use. By leveraging third-party integrations, you will dramatically enrich the functionality of your LMS without the hassle of developing each feature from scratch. That will help you minimize development costs.

Features Of Your Custom LMS

When providing LMS development services, we keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry and ensure that the end product supports all the must-have features.

Course Management

Course Management

Add and delete educational courses, control who has access to them, edit learning content, distribute it, manage files in various formats, including PDF presentations, video, audio, and so on.

User Management

User Management

Add and delete users, assign them specific roles, combine them into groups, create logins and passwords for your learners, and perform other user management actions.

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Why Opt For Custom LMS Software?

As an LMS development company, we can’t overestimate the importance of learning management systems. Whether you have a business that requires effective employee training or own an educational institution, a custom-tailored LMS will benefit you in many ways:

  • Processes automation. Administrative tasks can be daunting when performed manually. By opting for LMS development services and creating your own tool, you are able to automate many routine tasks, reducing workload.
  • Organized learning. Rather than having your learning materials scattered across various systems, an LMS allows you to put them in one place for easy access.
  • Cost-efficiency. e-Learning with LMSs and other tools proves to be cost-efficient for many organizations. For instance, IBM saved around $200 million by switching to e-Learning.
  • Personalized learning. Compared to traditional learning settings, e-Learning with LMSs allows for a personalized learning experience, which increases learner engagement and education effectiveness.

Our Technology Stack

LMS Software Development Process

AnyforSoft offers full-cycle custom LMS development, from the discovery stage to product launch and further maintenance. We build teams with industry expertise to ensure that the end product is competitive and meets your expectations and business requirements. Custom LMS development solutions from AnyforSoft will help your company stand out from the competition and bring value to users.

Why Choose AnyforSoft As Your LMS Development Company


Our company offers senior-level experts that build top-notch custom LMS solutions of any complexity. They will help you translate whatever idea you have in mind into a competitive LMS solution.


AnyforSoft is a client-oriented custom LMS development company that creates products with your vision in mind. We do our best to ensure that the end result meets your learning needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

Industry Expertise

We have worked with various education institutions and e-Learning companies, helping them achieve business growth. Our team implements the latest technologies and best industry practices to create LMS tools that resonate with your customers.

Success Stories


Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution established in 1987 in the Netherlands. It specializes in business administration and management, offering multiple bachelor's and master's degree programs. Wittenborg brings together students of over 100 nationalities, creating a family-like environment where internationalization, diversity, and ethics provide the foundation for global learning.

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Pretty much any educational institution or business that wants to deliver training resources in the most convenient manner can benefit from building LMS software. A quality LMS will spare you tedious manual tasks and help you streamline your processes while reducing workload.

It will depend on the type of LMS you want to build (cloud-based or server-based), the number of team members involved in the project, the number and complexity of software features, and numerous other factors. Thus, it’s impossible to say how much custom learning management system development will cost without having a look at your project first. If you wish to receive a cost estimate, feel free to contact us and provide us with details regarding your project.

The development of a basic LMS solution may take around 1500 hours. There are numerous factors that impact LMS Implementation timelines, such as the complexity of features, the need for localization, the operability of online courses, and so on. To receive a time estimate from a learning management system developer, contact us via the website form.

Yes, our LMS developers can integrate your learning management system with third-party applications and tools of your choice. More specifically, we can integrate LMS platforms with e-Learning solutions, payment systems, e-commerce apps, CRMs, data analytics tools, and other software you use. By leveraging third-party integrations, you will dramatically enrich the functionality of your software without the hassle of developing each feature from scratch. That will help you minimize the LMS development cost.

To build the best LMS for you, we will make sure that it supports all the advanced features needed for successful operation. During the LMS app development, we will create the following features: course management, user management, progress bars and indicators, reports and analytics, gamification, certification, social learning, personal recommendations, and other functionality of your choice. Thus, we will make sure that your LMS system is competitive and offers value to its users.

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