Backed by science, Bellame is a Texas-based beauty company, created when Passion Met Purpose. Bellame mission is to equip people around with confidence, love, and belief in themselves. That’s why Bellame provides its clientele with ultra-luxurious products packed with powerhouse, clinical-grade ingredients, along with luxury-grade comfortable web services. 



The clientele and partner network growth




Supporting team

The Challenge

The initial intention of the company was to use best-of-breed web solutions for their business. Thus the AWS hosting was the ultimate solution we picked. With this preset the challenge was to:

1. Make sure the portal operates flawlessly 24/7
2. Eliminate downtimes resulting from server-side software malfunction.


As the Bellame commerce system consists of many unique solutions, we decided to concentrate our case study on those, which invested greatly in the Bellame business's steady growth.

Adaptable online dashboard

800% velocity increase in business operations

Bellame has a wide network of partners, and it’s always required to automate as many processes as possible. Our team developed handy and visually appealing dashboards, which saves a lot of time for our customers, so that for their wide partner network.


all related information to the partners, starting from statistics and giving the data regarding their next steps to grow in the company.

Helps to

calculate rewards and compensation in less than a minute, compared to the days, which required this kind of activity previously - while thinking of operational efficiency, we got an incredible 800% increase in effectiveness due to a convenient, fast and scalable system.

Flexible and individually

adjustable dashboard to ensure ease of doing business.


Fraud protection system

Existing card fraud is one of the leading security issues in e-commerce. According to recent research done by SmartMetric, $24 billion was lost due to payment card fraud worldwide in 2018. The situation with fraud is dramatic, and it tends to worsen worldwide. Hence, security is always a priority for an e-commerce solution.

FRAUD PROTECTION using our scalable and adaptable fraud protection system

AnyforSoft team came up with a sophisticated and elegant solution that served the customer needs and proved to be cost-efficient. This system automatically identifies suspicious actions, checks the billing information, and provides an additional security check developed by our team. As soon as our fraud protection system defines a user as a distrustful one, it calculates the probability of potential fraud and informs related account managers about a potential threat. The last and very important step is a manual verification of a suspicious user. Fraud protection was written as a scalable system, and nowadays it is used by all customers’ products, including gift cards.

Smart content sharing system

Supporting all of the partners with high-class marketing insights in one click

AnyforSoft team provided a unique and extremely useful sharable content constructor with integrated analytics. This solution helped our customers’ partners to grow faster and to market their products on a highly professional level. Having a team of marketing pros on board, our customer invented a way to sustain a high level of branded materials by spreading information. This system became a smart approach to marketing planning and providing sales supporting materials with automated referral link generation.

Shipment System Integration

100% automated shipment processing

As the business and its network of clientele started growing faster, our customers experienced a need to automate all the shipment processes, which could be automated. We faced a challenging task to find, extend, and integrate one of the existing solutions into the perfectly functioning system. Now after the order is processed, and the address is automatically checked, the package starts its journey. After being placed on a warehouse and recorded into the system, the package gets its printed barcode and end-customers get their tracking number.


Other 3-rd party integrations to grow even faster

Additionally, we implemented a number of other third-party integrations that improved different business processes and employees’ workflow. For instance, custom integration with 3rd party payment gateway enabled Ballame partners to receive bigger revenue than it is possible with other systems. Moreover, we introduced a scalable and efficient solution for tax compliance and sales automation.


Custom integration with 3rd party payment gateway
Sharable content constructor with integrated analytics
Scalable and efficient solution for tax compliance and sales automation
Fraud protection system
Shipment system integration
Adaptable online dashboard

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