Pine Dev Studio

Pine Dev Studio is the web agency who contacted AnyforSoft for help with the 
custom request on setting up the high load environment on the AWS platform.



Servers work




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The Challenge

The Challenge

The application which was to be deployed on the environment

included the following stack:

  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx

The business goal was to develop a flawless and as stable as 
possible environment with an advanced backup system. 



The DevOps team has started the project from detailed 
planning and gathering metrics to follow. In the course of 
planning we faced multiple top level challenges delivered 
from the client where the client wanted to either avoid some 
of the pains they have or minimize their impact. During 
multiple internal discussions and communication sessions 
with the client we came up with the following architecture:

It has covered the main customer’s pain - loss of data
resulted from unstable connection between front-end and back-end applications.

As a result, all client’s business needs were solved with our technical solution. Now the existing system has:

  • two separate servers for the back-end and for the balancer in the separate subnet;      
  • two separate servers for the front-end and for the balancer in the separate subnet;      
  • PostgreSQL for the front-end and for the back-end in the separate subnet.

DevOps team from AnyforSoft is a team of experts. We’ve worked closely with them in one of our projects and they’ve proven a comprehensive understanding of development infrastructure. Their team has been very knowledgeable and delivered the expecting results, assisting our server-side and development team and optimizing the deployment and monitoring of our server infrastructure. They worked closely with us to determine the best course of action for our project based on short and long term goals. We’ll continue to utilize their team of experts for all of our DevOps needs.

Ivan Samohin,
CEO, Pine Dev Studio

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