Case Study

Identify and integrate a reliable solution to ensure sites' safety and elevated UX


The fundamental goal was to create a user-friendly online presence while ensuring the safety of user data and providing ongoing technical assistance across three websites: the main and two for students with restricted access.


The main challenge of the project was striking a balance between the client's initial request/idea and the broader considerations of security, support, and maintenance across three websites.


We are always on the client's side in attempting to get the best-fitted solution, combining the client's vision with the overall integrity and safety of the websites.

Genuinely efficient web Solution to ensure vulnerable data safety


To synchronize visions with the client and stay on the same page, we conducted a comprehensive technical audit to identify and rectify potential security vulnerabilities. We believe this is the utmost way to meet the client's objectives while maintaining a secure and reliable online presence across all three websites.


It allows us to pinpoint several crucial steps to reach the goals: 

  1. Ensure security, 
  2. Improve user experience, 
  3. Prepare for migration, 
  4. Provide regular support and maintenance.


On the way to ensure safety and fill in gaps, our first steps were:

  • Implementing robust authentication mechanisms;
  • Integrating encryption protocols;
  • Initiating regular security audits to protect sensitive data and user information.


We also properly prepared the websites for further migrations and upgrades (Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, Drupal 9 to Drupal 10).


We extended and added functionality to the client's sites as part of our solution. The development team worked to reconfigure several existing functionalities, aligning them with best coding practices. Our team aimed to enhance usability, improve user-friendliness, and ensure accessibility across the sites.


Regarding support and maintenance, we established a dedicated team to provide ongoing technical assistance and address any issues or bugs that arose. 


Regular updates, patches, and version control were implemented to enhance performance and incorporate new features or improvements.

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We’ve implemented various essential improvements to ensure data safety, expand capabilities, and elevate user experience.

Authentication mechanisms

Robust authentication mechanisms to ensure the safety and integrity of users' personal data. It is a reliable solution to the world's number one concern.

Encryption protocols

Efficient encryption protocols to protect data and provide access to inner services. It helps to enhance the system in general and provides individual protection.

Improved usability

Improved usability to elevate user journey and experience while interacting with websites.


Enhances accessibility according to global standards to provide everyone with equal opportunities and experience.


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