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Drupal 10Pantheon
Team15 FTE
Year Launched2023

Website development with tight deadlines


Verifone was in the process of rebranding. As a multinational enterprise, it had several websites on separate domains, each optimized for a specific location and language. That presented some problems:


  • It was challenging to deliver content from the global website to local country sites.
  • Permission distribution to each local site was inconvenient.


Besides, the old websites didn’t match the company’s new brand vision and had issues with the user experience: website visitors often couldn’t find info about products that the company offered, which resulted in lower conversions.


Verifone required a solution that could reflect its revamped brand identity while offering the functionality the previous sites lacked. Importantly, the website had to be optimized for multiple countries, but this time, instead of having multiple sites on separate domains for different locations, the company wanted a single-domain solution translated into several languages.


Since the task was extensive, it required the attention of different teams. Overall, the following teams were involved: Nord, Mediacurrent, Bluecadet, and AnyforSoft.


The project encompassed an extensive scope, demanding strict adherence to tight deadlines and maintaining a high standard of technological proficiency and quality. Our internal team was substantial in size, and we also had to establish a collaborative workflow with the other teams. With over 30 stakeholders involved, effective management of their diverse inputs required considerable time and effort.

Professional web solution with Drupal 10


Given that this was a collaborative project, the first thing we needed to do was establish effective communication with the teams involved:


  • NORD was responsible for marketing design requirements.
  • Bluecadet was tasked with creating complex UI and animations.
  • Mediacurrent dealt with website maintenance and support.
  • AnyforSoft was responsible for the technical implementation of the new design and features.


Our collaboration commenced with numerous meetings and ongoing communications during both the pre-sale phase and project development. It encompassed regular synchronization meetings, dedicated sessions to prepare for client meetings, and joint efforts to create presentations for clients. The presentations covered project progress, risk mitigation strategies, and formulated inquiries for the design team.


We came to a consensus on various operational aspects, such as working environments, quality assurance protocols, stand-up routines, communication timings, and preferred channels.


Reliable website on Drupal 10

Speaking from the technical perspective, we decided to build the new website on Drupal 10, as this CMS offered the best opportunities in terms of scope, time, and budget. Besides, Drupal has multilingual support out of the box, which was critical for our goal.


We used Verifone’s old global website as a reference to retain its original features. However, due to a new user flow and additional features requested by the client, we also needed to expand the site's capabilities. To achieve this, we incorporated the latest Drupal contribution modules and also implemented custom solutions.


Additionally, we used Drupal’s content translation solutions, translating the website into more than 20 languages. We set up all the essential location-based redirects, ensuring that each user lands on the version of the site optimized for their country.


The content management system was customized for Verifone’s needs. The following capabilities were added: a landing page generator, reusable content blocks, content cloning, conditional fields for accurate content management, cross-linked content blocks, flexible hero banners, image bulk upload, and Workbench.


To help users find the content they’re interested in faster, we implemented an advanced search engine that supports autosuggestions, autocomplete, and recommendations. We also added various filtering options, allowing visitors to filter the search results by insight type, topic, and media type. Apart from that, our team developed the “comparison mode” feature, enabling users to compare two or more Verifone products to make an informed decision.


An obstacle emerged when we attempted to integrate Bluecadet's Fractal environment with the Drupal framework. This integration proved to be complex and posed many challenges, but thanks to the expertise of our developers, they were successfully resolved.


Last but not least, our team implemented a widget where Verifone can display the text of the program code, formatted and highlighted according to the syntax. It is aimed at Verifone partners who want to integrate the company’s services.


Critical SEO configurations and third-party integrations

To make the website SEO-friendly, we implemented fundamental SEO configurations such as 
robots.txt, meta tags, sitemap, aliases, and redirects.


Per the client’s request, we integrated the website with multiple third-party tools, including Pardot Lightning, Zapier, Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager, Cookie Bot, Greenhouse, Comparably, Facebook Pixel, Instapage, Hotjar, and Sleeknote.


What we achieved

Our joint efforts with the teams resulted in the creation of a robust website that not only embraced an entirely novel user experience but also reflected the new brand identity of Verifone. We enhanced the user flow and helped users access the information they required from the site effortlessly.


The website received a modern design with smooth animations, adaptive UI, mobile-optimized elements, and right-to-left (RTL) styling. In addition, we added 3D images, parallax and soft scroll, blur effects, responsive media, and animated SVG icons.

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To improve the user experience and make the site convenient, our team developed various functions using Storybook and Fractal development tools as well as other solutions.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations: Our team integrated the site with multiple third-party tools, such as Pardot Lightning, Zapier, Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager, and more.

Search bar

Search bar: We added a convenient search bar with autosuggestions, autocomplete, and recommendations to help users find the information they are looking for easier.


Filters: We added filtering options, allowing visitors to filter the search results by insight type, topic, and media type.

Modern design

Modern design: In collaboration with Bluecadet, we created a modern design with 3D images, adaptive UI, parallax and soft scroll, blur effects, mobile-optimized sliders, responsive media, and animated SVG icons.

Content translation and redirects

Content translation and redirects: Content translation solutions were implemented and location-based redirects were set up to land the visitor on the right version of the website based on their language and location.

Customized CMS

Customized CMS: We customized the CMS, adding various features: landing page generator, reusable content blocks, content cloning, flexible hero banners, image bulk upload, and more.


WCAG 2.0 AA: Our team made the website WCAG 2.0 (AA) compliant, ensuring its accessibility for people with disabilities and allowing Verifone to target a wider audience.

Product comparison mode

Product comparison mode: A product comparison mode was developed, allowing users to compare two or more Verifone products with each other to make an informed decision.

Deep caching

Deep caching: We implemented deep caching, allowing for faster page load times.

Streaming of local video files

Streaming of local video files: We added the video steaming functionality for marketing purposes.


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