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Rock & Serve is a flexible and customizable solution that fully meets the needs of the restaurant industry. Advanced functionality and ease of use make it effective for small cafes and restaurants, as well as for chain institutions. 



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In the highly competitive environment of the restaurant business today, service has the final word. The higher the quality of the service, the more customer loyalty the establishment receives. The main task was to develop an optimal solution that would solve crucial issues:

  • slow communication between the guest and the staff;
  • forced long waits (menu, order, bill);
  • ever-increasing operating costs.

At the same time, some improvements were also required:

  • boost satisfaction with the service;
  • increase the number of regular customers (work on the return of each guest);
  • ensure maximum safety of visitors (during a pandemic and not only);
  • improve and optimize the menu.


While developing a comprehensive solution, the team took into account the needs of both the owner of the restaurant business and the customers. The challenge was to find a reasonable balance between a customer-centric tool and some sort of marketing CRM system. The specialists focused on three main elements.

  • Communication with the waiter. Instead of searching and waiting for a waiter, a customer just scans the code and presses the call button. A flexible notification system allows to speed up the reaction of the staff and improve the service in the hall.
  • Customizable selling menu. Everything that can only be presented in the dish card is already integrated: photos, ingredients, allergen filters, recommendations for matching dishes and drinks, the opportunity to choose and save a list of dishes to order.
  • Collection and analysis of statistics. Flexible analytical tools allow tracking the performance of the restaurant and staff to make informed management decisions.


Remote call of the waiter (from anywhere in the restaurant at the touch of a button).
Advanced features for creating a selling menu (photos, filters, recommendations).
Text customization on the web client.
The ability to save a list of dishes to order, the convenience of splitting the bill.

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