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LXP vs LMS: What are the Differences and Which Should You Choose

The global e-Learning market is growing at full steam. In 2021, its value was estimated at a whopping 215 billion US dollars, and it’s expected to hit the 645 billion mark by 2030. No wonder more and more businesses and educational organizations leverage e-Learning software and make their learning content accessible online. If you also need to deliver educational materials to users, you can do this with a learning management system (LMS) or a learning experience platform (LXP). The question is, which one to choose? Conveniently, today's article addresses this issue. In the following paragraphs, AnyforSoft participates in the LXP vs LMS debate, comparing the two options and helping you choose the right solution for your business. Keep reading to learn more! What is a learning management system (LMS)? A learning management system is software designed to create, administer, manage, host, track, and deliver educational courses, training materials, and learning and development programs. It is focused on formal learning such as compliance training, onboarding, product knowledge training, and so on. Consequently, learning management systems (especially custom LMSs) are often used by organizations that conduct employee training and educational institutions that prefer conservative learning journeys. Learn how to build a Drupal LMS in 5 easy steps. It’s important to note that LMSs are administrator-driven. An administrator manages learning content and controls who can access it. They decide what educational material to assign to a user and when. The administrator also tracks learners’ progress, monitors their activities, and assesses their skills and knowledge through scored tests. LMSs host standardized content compliant with SCORM specifications. Returning to the learning experience platform vs LMS debate, we can safely say that the latter is more widespread since LXPs are still relatively new. It is estimated that learning management systems have 73.8 million users worldwide. LMS strengths: Advanced administration. Control. Assessment. Certification. LMS weaknesses: No flexibility. No variety. User experience is usually lower compared to LXPs.
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