5 Key factors of a successful Project while working with outsourcers

Transparency Ask you a simple question. What is most important in doing business? I guess the first thing which could come to your mind - Trust. You need to trust each other, otherwise, it would be hard to believe in commitments and sign of checks.  Transparency means that the Contractor’s organization is willing to establish trust in all possible matters. The value which is not explained won’t be paid for. This is the motto of our team here. We are trying to provide as much important information for our clients as possible. Reports, access to team chat in slack, joint meetings etc.    Inspection  It’s not enough to have the transparent processes. What is more important is to inspect them in order to find zones for improvement. The inspection should be conducted on regular basis and all actors should promote this practice.  In AnyforSoft we are trying to set up monthly calls between our account managers and clients in order to check how the things are going. We are inspecting issues, conflicts, possibilities. Then we create a plan how to improve the business and apply it to the project.   Adaptation Continuous changes is a hard work. However, if you work with outsourcers who don't understand the value of agility and don't want to change their processes because of you, well it would be a tough project. We had an experience with a project where we need to send an email with a daily status report. Nevertheless, all important information was presented there, it wasn’t enough for our client to understand whether we are on a right track or not. And we decided to drop out daily reports but to apply the practice of daily calls. And this helped our Client a lot because he had a chance to ask more questions and get instant answers. Basically, these are 3 main characteristics of truly agile companies. We are trying to apply an agile approach to all our processes.    Expectations  Everything begins with expectations set right. And I mean not only Client’s expectations but the Contractor’s as well. The first phase of the project - Initiation is needed mostly because of discussing expectations, listing and documenting them out.  For each project we are allocating time for eliciting requirements, asking questions and documenting needs. One just can’t start a project without proper documentation.    Right people in right place It’s highly important to work with right people who could act differently than freelancers. Who understand the value of time and deliver only quality products. We are referring not only to a dev team but to operational people as well.  While working with huge outsourcing companies, there is a risk, that your project will be at the end of their pipeline. From the other hand, if you’re working with a small company, people could neglect your business because of personal reasons. In both cases, you won’t get results.  AnyforSoft is a medium size company and we have just enough projects so our CEO could take part in each of them. If you are willing to work with us, we could guarantee that you will be in good hands of not just a project manager (who also works), but also of our CEO. Hope you liked the article. Contact us at [email protected] for more details or additional questions.  
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