We are converting ideas into documents and then into projects

Do you have a high-level idea of a mobile app or a website? We can assist with a next step - transform your idea into a software requirements specification. You will get a detailed overview how the product will look like at the end of a day and a detailed and accurate estimate.   1. Experience We have an extensive experience in working with the web and mobile apps build on Drupal and Ionic frameworks.   2. Accessibility Our specification (or spec) is made for both business and technical oriented people.   3. Efficiency While working on the project we consider client needs, business context and the best way to develop the project.   How do we work: Step 1: Team allocation. You will have a business analyst with a hands-on experience of launching both web and mobile projects. He will be your primary contact person and will lead through the whole project.   Step 2: Familiarization. We'll check the assets you have by the moment, kick-off the interview with you and come up with a plan and next steps.   Step 3: Solution. We will come up with the best solution for your request. This process includes the following activities: - Requirements workshop - Business Analysis - Low-fi wireframing - Technical writing   As a result, you will get the following deliverables: - Low-fi wireframes - Software requirements specification which includes functional and non-functional requirements - Project Plan - Project Estimate   In average we need ~ 80 to walk you through from just a vision to a detailed plan. Our regular specification consists of 20 - 30 pages. And based on our experience, projects with the specification save up to 40% of the budget.  
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