Results Overview: Drupal Market in 2019. AnyforSoft Results and Plans


Yours truly, AnyforSoft team has gathered top-notch, passionate experts to form a Latvian-Ukrainian company focused on Drupal and React development. For almost a decade of operation in the field, we have successfully completed and maintained up to this time over a dozen complex, insightful projects that brought us a great deal of experience and boosted our expertise.

All that effort allowed us to proudly sum up the end of 2019 as the leading service provider in our niche of web development honored by It is useful to look back and see what the Drupal market, and AnyforSoft in particular, achieved in 2019.

Overall Drupal Market 2019 results

It’s curious to overview the current global market of Drupal-based web development. 

We carefully studied the survey conducted among 118 entrepreneurs mainly from Europe and the USA, whose “holdings” are based on Drupal web sites. Judging by the numbers, half of the respondents noticed a significant increase in their business success (including a boost in the average size of transaction amounts) and about a third indicated that their profit certainly didn’t suffer being backed up by Drupal capacities. This enables us to safely say that Drupal certainly succeeds in meeting all the needs of the average online business owner.

Being a free type of software distributed under the GPL, Drupal is the platform developed exclusively through the efforts of its voluntary fans from all over the world. These are the top-30 major companies that were actively sponsoring further promotion of Drupal in 2019.

Drupal survey



AnyforSoft is also proud to contribute to Drupal development, and we encourage each member of our team to make their contribution.

All in all, the majority of about 118 Drupal-focused agencies from all over the world confess that the common Drupal project pipeline only grows throughout the years. The technology has a deep reach into some of the most crucial, economy-forming industries right now - the top focused fields being education, charity, government, healthcare, and culture.

Out of those 118 service providers, 111 actively contribute to further growth of Drupal as a technology via various sponsoring events, donations, daily performance reports, etc. This indicates just how much everybody using the platform enjoys and appreciates the capabilities it has to offer.

AnyforSoft 2019 results

Let us share our own results now. Staying true to the cause and consistent in our work, all in all, our team has managed to achieve the following while operating in 2019:

  • as of now, we have 82 teammates on board and the team grew by 39% in total; 
  • we added the new location of our development centers - Rivne;
  • we acquired a subsidiary software company - DevCompany.


We sponsored a bunch of Drupal events, like:

  • Drupal Global Contribution Weekend
  • Drupal Trivia Night Lutsk
  • DrupalCafe Lutsk
  • DrupalCamp Kyiv
  • Drupal Talks Kharkiv


Our developers presented reports, such as "Layout Builder. How we build platform with color/theme management" (Vitalii Zinenko), "Search API: tips and tricks - from beginning to custom solutions" (Oleg Bogut), and “Why and how to be a speaker at conferences. The path of the speaker” (Yaroslav Bondar).

We also enjoyed visiting a number of themed niche events, including:

  • DrupalCon Seattle 2019
  • Acquia Engage London
  • Frontend United
  • DrupalCon in Seattle
  • Drupal Mountain Camp
  • DrupalCamp London
  • DrupalJam
  • DrupalCon Amsterdam
  • World Publishing Expo (IFRA)

In 2019, we were named the Top B2B Company in Ukraine and Top PHP Developers in the world (by We were also included in the Top Drupal Companies in Ukraine list.

All that allows us to be proud of our 2018 results and safely close our self-development plan for 2019.

AnyforSoft CEO award



Plans for 2020

In the current 2020, we are actively preparing to work with the new, 9th version of Drupal, which is being prepared for release in June 2020. 

In addition, we plan to attend a bunch of upcoming insightful conferences to further expand our knowledge and share our experience:

  • DrupalCamp London 
  • DrupalDev Days Ghent
  • ReactCon Amsterdam
  • DrupalJam Utrecht
  • DrupalCon Minneapolis
  • DrupalCon Barcelona

Planning to attend one of those? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’ll be thrilled to meet you personally!

We aren’t looking to slow down in our striving to provide only the best, highest quality service, so see you in a highly-ambitious 2020!

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