How to Elevate Your E-Commerce Business with a Cutting-Edge App

Everything is shifting to mobile: communication, entertainment, finance, shopping. Striving to reach their audience a lot of business owners have already adapted their websites to mobile gadgets. But is it a reason to stop? A simple observation is enough to understand that this was only the first – or transitional – step. And the next one is the application. Every phone or tablet has an app for everything, including shopping. M-commerce is not just a novelty, it is a trend that will dominate the market in the next couple of years. Do you want to be on the crest of this wave? It's time to think about how to improve your business with the mobile app for e-commerce. Consumers are more inclined towards in-app purchases because it is more convenient, more personalized, moreover, the m-commerce app features give them more options. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, let's explore this m-commerce trend and figure out why you need an application and how it will help grow your business? Get Higher Conversion Rates in Short Time When it comes to profits, it's the numbers that matter. And the application is significantly ahead of mobile browsing in terms of key indicators. According to Criteo's research, it is in the mobile app for an e-commerce store users watch more various products, add more to the cart and make more purchases: 44% using the mobile site and 54% using the app. The logic is quite simple: the more product views are converted into purchases, the more profit you get, and the mobile app for e-commerce is the best tool here. However, the rise of applications in m-commerce is only a starting point. In the pursuit of profit, common mistake business owners make is to focus only on their own benefits of a mobile app for an e-commerce website, instead of putting the client's needs at the forefront. Don’t be one of them. Improve Communication: Stay on The Same Page with Your Customers The main challenge of any marketing campaign is to reach the client and motivate them to visit the site. Classical methods of advertising, posts on social networks and email newsletters, unfortunately, do not always give the desired result. A marketer needs to take several steps (preparing a campaign, finding the right channels for distribution, posting or mailing regularly, etc.) and hope that the potential client will get interested. Thanks to the mobile app for e-commerce store, you are already in the very necessary channel. And all that is required from a potential consumer is to look at the screen when they receive a push notification. Of course, the power of direct mail should not be underestimated, but app statistics will allow you to define better target audiences, design campaigns more accurately, and get more conversions with less effort. Advance Average Order Value As mentioned above, a mobile app for e-commerce is more convenient for browsing store offers, which contributes to higher conversions. However, it also helps to increase the average order value. The comfort of in-app purchases encourages your customers to spend more, so you get more profit. This comfort is achieved by constant heating of interest through: Sales notifications  Promotions  Company news (new products, gifts, etc.). Of course, all this can be done using traditional methods: the mobile version of the site and mailing, but if you want more, a mobile e-commerce app is what you need.
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