10 Well Known Websites Built with React JS

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Being a JavaScript library, React has gained stable popularity, as it helps create fast, efficient, and scalable web products. At first glance, it may seem that React JS websites are more widespread in the Digital Media industry, where high performance is of great importance. Here at AnyforSoft, we are sure this technology can be helpful in lots of spheres. We've conducted a complex analysis of websites built with React to find out how React JS benefits various businesses. Let's explore popular React JS websites together.

Facebook: A Number One React Website Example

Speaking about best websites made with React, one cannot fail to mention the Facebook web development team and their commitment to making the application and social network service as comfortable and exciting as possible. A dynamic page on the Facebook website requires special attention: constant updates from users (likes, posts, comments) and their interaction should be easy, uninterrupted, and smooth. To achieve this, React is used: messages appear instantly and the like counter works smoothly, updating only the number and not the entire page.

Facebook quote

Not surprisingly, the same technology is being used on Instagram. In short, Instagram reloads only triggered components instead of the whole page, which can be crucial for users of mobile devices. This is how the engineering team achieves a faster loading time. Thanks to scalability, the web application can support a constantly growing user community and the amount of content. Applying React JS, developers were able to supplement the platform with additional features, like reels and media storage, tags, photo editing, etc.

Instagram screenshots

Another excellent example of social media websites built with React JS is Twitter and Pinterest.

News Portals Build with React: Just Stay on Top

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is also an influential React-based player. Being one of the world's oldest and most trustworthy media companies, BBC cannot disappoint fans with low-quality web service. This is the primary motivation for choosing React JS as a base for the BBC online resource.

Well, in fact, they experienced the same challenge as social networks: large amounts of information and the need to constantly update data led to a decrease in productivity. React made it possible to develop new modules, introduce new options, and increase performance several times over. Today, React JS is used in conjunction with other web development technologies but still remains the main one. So, this is the case when developers create a perfect React-based website.

BBC Quote

CNN is also a great React JS website example, which provides high performance and a rich user interface. New York Times moved to React tech several years ago to improve its website performance, productivity, and efficiency. They are popular news websites built with React.

Uber Eats: A Benchmark Delivery Service

What started as a taxi and transportation service has evolved into a comprehensive service system. While developing a new option for its users – food delivery from point A to point B – the developers faced several issues which required non-standard solutions.

The search for an optimal way out of the situation led to the decision that part of the Uber Eats website should be built with React components, namely, the dashboard. Applying React JS, they were able to make elegant user interfaces and complement them with a smooth UX for the Uber website. They also added sound and push notifications to the app’s dashboard. Only serious companies with a lot of experience can create a perfect React website.

UberEATS Screenshot

Airbnb: Become Closer To Each Other

The path to React at Airbnb was quite long and thorny. After trying several different options, they still settled on React since the latest React version allowed them to solve critical tasks: create and support stable and minimalistic UI components, and manage data flow.

Initially, the developers were attracted by React's reusable code and reusable components, but over time, having better studied and adapted the capabilities of this JavaScript library, they were able to create an individual Airbnb React style that includes a unique mix of React JS and other technologies.

Airbnb quote

BlaBlacar, as a P2P platform with a similar philosophy, has also followed this path; however, their use of React is limited to some app functionality. BlaBlacar is one of the websites that use React. 

Netflix: World Most Famous Video Streaming Website Built with React

Netflix is one of the most popular websites built using React. It is a successful media content provider in the modern entertainment market, offering TV shows, movies, and other entertaining content. Everything is readily available to stream in high definition right inside a beautiful, rapid user interface. Netflix was thought out in specific detail. They started their React JS journey in 2015 and gained high results by adopting technology and transforming their platform to what we see nowadays.

Netflix strived to refine the user interface architecture and improve the experience for TVs and game consoles. Using React on the server side, developers enhance platform performance and shorten runtime speed.

Globo is another excellent React website example. It is the first largest Portuguese-language telecommunications company globally and Brazil, the leading Brazilian TV channel. It is one of the items in the list of top websites built with React. With the benefits of React JS, Globo provides the best interfaces and performance opportunities for live-streaming broadcasts. Vimeo is one more well-known video streaming website built with React JS.

NETFLIX Screenshot

Atlassian And Task Management Systems

Atlassian is among the most famous vendor companies on the planet. Previously, it has provided such monumental solutions as JIRA, Trello, Confluence, Bitbucket, Stash, etc. As you have already guessed, this website is also based on React JS.

Simultaneous editing and the ability to follow changes in real-time make boards so convenient. Building on React JS, developers create user-friendly products that leverage its core strengths: mobile-friendly, efficient scaling options and fast client-side rendering to enable functional multitasking across all platforms.

Need more React website examples in this niche? Asana, Milanote, and Outlook also use React.

Atlassian tech blog quote

DropBox: A File-Hosting React-Based Service

DropBox, a popular file hosting service, started to adopt React among pioneers in 2013. It all started with the front-end: the number of users was frequently growing, and so was the amount of stored data. React became a perfect solution to provide a stable, strong, and scalable front-end for the platform.

However, React library brought even more: using this lightweight and scalable technology, software engineers were able to code faster, improve testing, and reduce errors in the code.

CloudFlare is one more good example of a website built with React JS.

DropBox screenshot

LiveChat Websites: Various Options – One Technology

Have you ever heard about one of the best React websites – Discord? It is a free messenger with support for IP telephony and video conferencing, designed for various communities of interest, most widespread with gamers and students. It’s one of the most popular React JS website examples with a large audience.

With a history of web development behind them, Discord was one of the first platforms to use React in its products. Gradually, the introduction of the reusable React code made it possible to simplify and introduce new options, apply new UX/UI design, and significantly increase performance. Moreover, the use of the React library has also affected developers who save time applying this technology.

The list of live chat applications and websites built with React JS also includes Skype, Slack, Whereby, and WhatsApp. Have you ever thought that such sites could be examples of React websites?

Discord quot

PayPal: One of The Most Trustworthy Payment Systems Built with React

PayPal is also a great React JS website example. It is the most extensive electronic debit payment system in the world. This is one of the best React JS websites that are so popular among active Internet shoppers. It allows customers to pay bills and purchases, and send and receive money transfers. PayPal is one of the brilliant React JS website examples of a great-customized interface and high-security level.

React is a great choice for web applications that require stability and security. React JS is also responsible for PayPal's user-friendly interface and wide functionality. Moreover, the PayPal payment option is easily integrated into any React application by adding a small code snippet.

Providing tools for stock trading and analytics, Bloomberg uses React to implement automated code refreshes to bring the latest updates to users in real time. Revolut uses React to build the current UI. As you see, Bloomberg and Revolut also belong to websites using React.

PayPal sreenshot

Shopify: First-Choice E-Commerce Platform

Shopify belongs to one of the React website examples. It is considered one of the vital e-commerce platforms that many popular global brands use. React took first place in the company's tech stack and is used for web and mobile development. Shopify is moving to React gradually. For example, Shopify Admin is powered by GraphQL and React. React JS also benefits Shopify with a stable and solid front-end.

Until recently, Etsy was also on the list of websites built with React; however, the platform migrated to new technology. It is reported that some of the components are still using React.

Shopify quote

React is a technology with great potential for many businesses and industries. So, it is already adopted by Tesla, Grammarly, Reddit, Khan Academy and Codeacademy, which use its advantages to solve issues and improve their services. They are also well-known examples of React websites.

What else can be built with React?

Single-page app

Single-page app is a website that has only one page. Using such an application, the user doesn’t go to new pages. It doesn’t have such a property as a complete reboot when the user visits it. Some partial changes can be. But they don’t affect the operation of the page in general. Facebook is one of the examples of a single-page app. This is the famous React app today.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web pages are customer-orientated. It means that anyone can visit a web page without additional actions. One example of PWP is Twitter. Twitter’s visitors can use the app even if the internet doesn’t work well. This feature is available only for web and mobile applications produced with React. Developers save a lot of time with React website development.

Benefits Of React JS For Business

So, many big brand influencers use React for websites, striving to grow, develop and strengthen. A lot of companies created React JS websites because of their benefits. What are the main advantages of React JS for business?

Simple, lightweight, handy

Reusable code opens doors to a lot of opportunities. The best way to reduce time to market is to use off-the-shelf React components. This applies not only to a new product but also to its updates. There is no longer a need to develop functionality and components from scratch – just take a ready-made element and apply it. It also significantly reduces the number of possible errors and debugging. This is the first reason for developing websites using React. Other reasons for ordering React-based websites are highlighted in the next items.

Fast, stable, reliable

Applying React JS significantly increases the page loading speed, reducing the wait, which, consequently, affects user satisfaction. In addition, the technology allows you to ensure data security and apply various UX/UI designs.

Flexible, Scalable, Social

In the pursuit of improving the user experience, developers can use a ton of additional tools and the React framework allows you to do it all! It is easily integrated and supplemented with everything necessary right in the process of developing a new feature – isn't that a huge advantage? Moreover, React has a large community that is constantly growing and solving problems of any complexity, you can always find a solution or a necessary hint.

Server-side rendering and SEO-friendly

Any website has to attract people and the number of visits should be high. How can you achieve it? First of all, you should find out whether your site is rendered by the search engine correctly. React JS websites are SEO-friendly thanks to the server-side rendering feature. It makes React sites much faster and helps them rank better in search engines. Therefore, React websites can rank higher in Google search results.

Industries where React JS isused

AnyforSoft experience

The demand for React websites is growing at a rapid pace. React JS will be the leading technology of the future thanks to its versatility. AnyforSoft has extensive experience in creating websites and applications for clients using React JS. And our developers are ready to create an effective React solution within clearly defined deadlines. You can see our projects in more detail on the Portfolio page.


Of course, there are many more examples of sites built on React JS. As you can see, the most popular websites built on React can be entirely created on this technology or include individual elements. At AnyforSoft, we create teams of React developers who strive to find or generate proper web solutions to build a React website for your business needs.

If you have an idea, feel free to contact the company's manager and get detailed advice or estimate your web project. We already have a product development team that cares about results and has broad experience building React JS websites. Let's bring your site to the list of top websites built with React in one fell swoop.

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