How to Create a Live Video Streaming Website in 6 Steps

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The media industry has always been at the forefront of development. As a flexible structure, it follows a single-way rule – to develop or disappear. But it is not going to leave the top. Users want to get the necessary information or services here and now. Today, live streaming is becoming part of our modern reality, offering business owners truly active speedy live streaming websites for their needs. In this article, we will look in detail at how to create a video streaming website to meet modern customers’ needs.

How to create a video streaming website

AnyforSoft, as an expert team with 10+years of development experience, knows how to create a video streaming website that can get into its video streaming niche and make a great user experience. Many business owners feel confused because there are different types of streaming.

On-Demand Video Streaming

On-demand video streaming platform is ready-made and compressed content you can access at your request on different platforms. The video creator has already uploaded media files to cloud hosting. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are three big examples, of platforms providing this type of service.

on-demand video streaming websites


Pre-Recorded Video Streaming

Pre-recorded video streaming means that a video was made, produced, and then uploaded to a video hosting platform. Pre-recorded content giants are world-famous social media Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Pre-recorder video streaming stays in close connection with live streaming. Large business owners understood that the live streaming function was a great idea to engage more audiences. So, why live video streaming is a key market driver?

pre-recorded video streaming websites


Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming platform is a great way to have real-time audience interaction. Your video can be recorded or just run in real-time via live streaming platforms. Great examples of live streaming are Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope, Twitch, where live streams became a real boom.

live video streaming websites


Imagine video streaming as a delivery service system. You pack the goods, put them in the car and deliver them to the customers. Video streaming works like this. However, if you demonstrate the packers, loaders, and transportation service work, your users will be much more interested in creating a presence effect.

Pre-recorder and on-demand video streaming have strong potential in such extremely vital fields as education, entertainment, mass media, e-commerce, healthcare and sports, and others. Nevertheless, more than 90% of consumers agree that live streaming videos affect the brand with their engaging and credible power. So, creating a live video streaming website for your brand is an up-to-date approach. 

A live video streaming website is one of the main digital trends in 2022. We will show you enough examples of where video streaming works with a bang.

The State of Video Marketing Report made up huge research about how live video affects productivity in different business areas. Those results are more than impressive:

video content for commercial needs statisctics


  • The use of video for marketing purposes has increased by more than 25% since 2016.
  • 96% of people believe that live video content is most effective for explaining a product or service. 
  • More than 50% of users are searching for live video streaming content every day and these numbers are rapidly increasing every year.
  • After using live video content customer support requests decreased by 43%.
livestream popularity stats

The market for live video streaming is huge and will grow. According to the forecast, we can expect its growth up to $ 330.51 billion by 2030. So, let’s take a closer look at how to make a video streaming website from scratch.

Our Approach to Creating a Video Streaming Website

We believe that live video streaming can benefit various business owners since it has significant advantages:

  1. The development cost of a live video streaming website isn’t high,
  2. Live video streaming platforms create a quick-react business response,
  3. Users can start watching the video in a few simple and easy steps, 
  4. Your customers can interact with the live streaming site through any gadget.

So, how to add live streaming video to a website? To estimate your future opportunities and start making virus live streams, you should pay attention to the right steps which are vital to follow for better visual solutions.

Step 1. Identify your target audience

How to create a video streaming website like Youtube? AnyforSoft advises you not to compete with the giants of the video streaming market, but to create a unique product or video streaming service. A successful video streaming business project begins with market research and product concept creation.

First of all, think about the name of your video streaming service and domain. There are already a huge number of competitors on the market. How to stand out among them? We advise you to create simple, memorable ads that will impress your potential target audience, instead of trying to build a video streaming website like your competitors already have.

There are many options to launch a live streaming video that will be in demand:

  • narrowly focused projects on telemedicine,
  • businesses involving private legal / psychological / repair consultations,
  • live room tours, training conferences, etc.

As you can see, this is a huge niche, from which there is really something to choose. Choosing your own direction is vital:

  1. Decide on the launch market,
  2. Choose a strategy with great potential,
  3. Find a niche where the competitive environment is weak or a potentially necessary service is missing,
  4. Study your potential clients: who they are, where they live, and what their needs are.

Make a preliminary analysis of your idea using the information above and move on – learn how to make a video streaming website!

Step 2. Work On Technical Documentation

When you have an interesting idea and a potentially loyal audience, finding out how to make a live video streaming website is a matter of time. When you build a video streaming website, it is crucial at the initial stage to have your technical documentation, which will display the entire work plan with the expected results at each level and what specialists you will need.

At Anyforsoft, we offer discovery phase project management help for you to receive proven technical expertise. Pick a company for future cooperation wisely: strive to take into account as many factors as possible to find someone perfectly fitted to your business goals and expectations. Choosing your business partner, focus on proven resources: such as Clutch. Carefully read your potential cooperation partners' reviews and contact the company personally to discuss the details.

Step 3. Pick your monetization model

When launching your streaming system, you also need to decide which monetization model to choose. There are several of them:

  • Subscription - depending on the chosen plan, the user pays the amount for access to the service (once a month, quarter, and year – the decision is up to you).
  • Freemium - a model that allows your visitors to get free content, but closes exclusive content with paywalls.
  • Advertising - you can allow advertisers to place their content on your live streaming website and make a profit from it.
  • Adblocking - a special feature that will allow your visitors to block all ads on your site for a fee.

AnyforSoft advises you to treat the last two points with some caution instead of focusing on quick video monetization schemes. At the very beginning of a video streaming launch, they can scare away a loyal target audience. Take advantage of these benefits when your target audience reaches a stable number. But don’t forget to apply or implement a trusted payment system.

Step 4. License your content

How to make your own video streaming website without legal consequences? Law compliance is no exception when you develop a video streaming website. The legal side of the issue should be the first step for your successful business. Our advice is to consult an experienced lawyer who will tell you about the pitfalls on the way to content implementation if you’re about to start a movie streaming service.

The second important step is to license your content. And here you should remember to comply with copyright law. This approach can help you to make a trusted movie streaming platform. Follow simple rules: if this is your authored content – patent it,  if this is borrowed content – contact the copyright holders and discuss the cooperation terms. The observance of all copyrights is the right way to create a live video streaming website with a large number of loyal users.

If you are aiming for a large scale and want to compete with the giants of the modern streaming industry, you will have to cooperate with American distributors: Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) or SWANK Motion Pictures. However, it is worth remembering that large scales require serious costs.

Step 5. Choose functionality and design

You should decide how to create a live video streaming website in terms of provided functionality and make it on a case-by-case basis. However, when choosing something basic, keep in mind that some activities, such as live streaming events, may require additional options. Creating a live video streaming website that will combine the right choice of three main components like video encoder, video server, and video player, isn’t easy. If you don’t have enough experience with these website requirements, problems may occur.

Now your task is to determine the type of live video streaming website you want and what functionality you need for a good user experience. Let's start with the user types:

video streaming website user types

However, defining roles in your live video streaming site is just one of the steps, the next one is to choose functionality. But be careful, live streams should be easy and fun. Let's take a look at a list of essential features based on our video streaming website template:

Video streaming website template

Naturally, your live streaming channel functionality can include various features. You just need to understand what is vital for users, what would be needed for convenient website administration and how to develop a live video streaming website that is comfortable for both parties. Feel free to add some live streaming tips to the admin panel or create some extra manuals.

When you think about creating your own live video streaming website, you need to think about its design, starting with the home page to the creative 404 page. When creating it, you need to rely on such important points as:

  • Unique style – if you want to build a website with video streaming, you need a special concept of the style that meets the users' expectations. Here we need a special unique approach to individual cases.
  • Versatility – in today's world, you need to get the same quality content on any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.
  • User experience – is an important component in planning. Your loyal visitor gets access to the desired actions with a properly designed UX.

Step 6. Find a reliable business partner or DIY

Here you have to solve the main question of how to create your own live video streaming website with a well-qualified business partner or on your own. Take a closer look at these two options.

Let's say you have decided to build a video streaming website yourself. What are the сore pros and cons?

How to find the right cooperation partner


  • Full freedom of action (create, modify, test)
  • Hire developers/team and manage the live streaming website as you want
  • Full responsibility for the result, you rely only on yoursel


  • The more time the creation process takes, the higher risk that your niche will already be occupied by someone else.
  • High risks of getting low-quality developers due to the lack of experience in performing interviews 
  • You can fail deadlines, stumble on difficult decisions and not find a way out.
  • Lack of technical expertise from trusted experts
  • You are alone with yourself and your problems, without the support of an experienced development tea

Let's suppose you decided to build a video streaming website with a proven experienced team. What will you get?

  • High-quality technical expertise and experienced developers.
  • Ready-made solutions and concepts to work with.
  • Constant support from your cooperation partners and an open dialogue if difficulties arise.
  • Delegated responsibility for your product. You can be actively engaged, for example, in the social media marketing strategy of your future live video streaming website, or start looking for new ways to invest.
  • Fewer expenses in the long run - you will spend more money on the project at the beginning, but you have minimal risks of going over your budget in the end

To make sure the developers really know how to make a video streaming website for your needs and purposes you to check the team’s portfolio or have some longer interviews with tech specialists.

Our Tech Stack for Developing Video Streaming Websites

As a proven web development leader since 2011, we offer time-tested technologies to support your business goals.


  • Drupal (any version)
  • React
  • Angular
  • Gatsby
  • WordPress


  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Symphony

UI/UX tools:

  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Avocode
  • Illustrator

One more piece of advice: your website must be adapted to all gadgets. You have two solutions: create some mobile apps or implement a mobile-first approach to developing your website to make sure that the content is available on both iOS devices and Android. Think wisely or have a professional consulting on the proper technology stack for this purpose.

Usually, digital web development agencies provide a full range of services. It means, you can supplement your team with the necessary specialists at any stage or step, just make sure they really know how to create a video streaming website, supplement its functionality, or strengthen its performance.

Pitfalls of Video Streaming Website

It is fully understandable, that in building a video streaming website from scratch you can meet some obstacles at any stage of the process. There is no guarantee that the video streaming website development will be as smooth as planned, however, a professional team of experienced engineers can handle them easily.

Real challenges expect you right after starting your website at the very beginning of providing streaming services. Some of the issues could be pretty obvious, but some don't even seem like ones. Please consider taking them into account while planning how to create a video streaming website.

Security and Domain Restrictions

Take care of the security of your video streaming service from all sides. You already know that when creating a video streaming website, you need to take certain measures at the development stage, but the subsequent connection of additional options, plugins or features also requires special attention. Remember that not only the success of your live streaming website will depend on it, but also the trust of users. 

Protecting personal data (including passwords and billing information in a user profile), protecting copyright (make sure that video files and media files stored on your site are forbidden for copying and this cannot be bypassed), video encryption for unauthorized users, or users without special access (to help in the fight with piracy) – all these are essential measures that should be addressed by your live streaming site. Also, take into account a video streaming protocol. Most likely, you will not need all streaming protocols, but, for example, HTTP live streaming should become your best friend from the very beginning.

You should also learn in advance about certain domain restrictions. Create a list of sites that have the "right" to repost videos from your website, and which – no, this will protect both users and video content creators. Also, you should be aware that certain restrictions may be based on geolocation and certain content may not be available in some countries due to local laws or restrictions.

Age Restrictions

Younger users are your next step. And here you have several solutions. First, place an age-restricted die on content that could be potentially dangerous to children. Second, you can make the age field mandatory and only make recommendations based on it. Or make a separate hub for children with a proper video library, and completely restrict access to any content that goes beyond it. This will finally resolve the issue with the recommendations of adult content for users of inappropriate age. However, such video streaming website development may extra cost to create and require separate user experience and interface solutions.

Quality Of the Video and User Internet Connection

Another thing that can be a hindrance to you, and this must be taken into account when considering the functionality of the site and some processes of video streaming website development and placement of a streaming website – is video quality and users' Internet speed. It all can affect content availability for certain visitors if they use a mobile internet connection.

Yes, it's very cool to watch streams in the highest quality with maximum detail of picture and sound, but, unfortunately, not every user can afford it due to a lack of necessary equipment or fast enough Internet. So, that such people do not waste time in hours of video buffering, take care of the possibility of choice depending on the users' capabilities. It can also be implemented as an auto-tuning option, where the system determines the optimal viewing settings, video quality in particular, for each user. Hence, you'll also need to optimize your video streaming server so that requests are processed as quickly as possible.

hinking on how to create a video streaming website, please remember, that there may also be some individual issues or challenges that may be relevant to a particular project, but the video streaming solutions for them will be just as unique. Consider adding some extra budget to your business plan for some emergencies or updates when you’ve decided to create a streaming website.

What Businesses Benefit the Most from Video Streaming

Live video streaming platform is not just an effective way to promote your brand, but a modern live streaming website for interactive communication, which is simply necessary in today’s world. Live video streaming websites are used in various industries:

  • Medicine,
  • Education,
  • Legal protection,
  • Psychological help,
  • Sports and news,
  • Repair services,
  • Entertainment,
  • Beauty commerce,
  • Traveling.

Still have some doubts on reasons to build a video streaming website? Let's see why video streaming is so popular and what commercial benefits you can get from real-life stats:

  • Benefit Cosmetics Weekly on Thursdays at 16.00, an American cosmetics company, has a fascinating show called Tipsy Tricks. Its participants and presenters give useful tips on self-care and answer questions from viewers' lives. 
  • The Japanese brand Nissan also widely practices live video streaming. Not so long ago, it pleased the fans with a new Maxima sedan, demonstrating the model as part of a live broadcast of the auto show in New York. 
  • On the page of the carmaker Lincoln On Twitter, its design director David Woodhouse "on camera" talked about the brand's modern concept.
  • In a video streaming video from Adidas, soccer star James Rodriguez signs a collaboration contract with the famous sportswear giant. 
  • Facebook conducted a visual study together with the beauty company Mary Kay. During the live video streaming on the Facebook page, the cosmetics company attracted over 77,000 viewers. A recorded video without a live broadcast gets an average of up to 40 thousand views.
  • Nestlé went even further: instead of streaming mundane videos of the office and employees, the company invited its fans from around the world to eat ice cream live. According to the company's brand manager, this rapprochement with the consumer increased customer confidence and significantly affected sales.


People all over the world like to watch videos or live events at any convenient time. All they need is good network connectivity and gadget. Considering this the idea to build a video streaming site is a good basis for a successful business model. Hope, the advice and roadmap above showed you how to make a video streaming website profitable or successful.

Creating your own live video streaming website is a great opportunity to push your customers into the real-life effect world with lots of benefits. Today live Net communication brings to business owners a blend of modern technologies to create something powerful and exciting. As you can see, there is no short answer on how to make a video streaming website. But a robust web development partner can help you reach business goals, applying state-of-art programming languages and frameworks, and creating a well-thought-out UX/UI design for each piece – from the home page to the admin panel.

AnyforSoft specialists can connect your website to the digital video streaming trend and help to get more interaction with your audience. Our product-focused team that care is ready to build for you a video streaming website with custom solutions. Our core goal is to apply best practices to reach outstanding results.

If you already have an idea, feel free to contact the company’s manager, we are open to collaboration.

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