What Is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Why Your Business Needs It

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Let’s figure out what DXP is and what it is used for.

We were all caught off guard by the pandemic and the circumstances that we had to face. It is clear that COVID-19 has affected all industries and the world in general. One of the ways our life will never be the same anymore is that people started services on the net a lot more actively. Besides, we have seen a demand for business process digitization. Companies that are already online or are flexible to restructure feel the least change and suffer the least losses.

But all organizations that work online need to understand the risks and the way digital commerce is transforming. As a company involved in software development for the digital media industry, we'll help you take a closer look at this topic and find out why security is the most important part of this type of interaction.

Digital Transformation During the Pandemic

This year Twilio sponsored a survey among 2500 business managers. More than 95% of participants noted the speeding up of the digital transformation in their organization. And almost 80% answered that its costs had grown because of COVID-19.

The tendencies in the field today are as follows:

  • 35% of the participants of the Twilio survey said that the pandemic had become a boost to change outdated software. 38% of them want to update existing platforms.
  • According to Computer Economics, which ran a survey in May, 30% of companies expected a decrease in budgets for IT operations while only 13% predicted the opposite situation.
covid operational changes


  • We are also starting to feel differently about short-term digital-related expenses. Companies are looking forward to securing the net and workloads in the cloud. The tendency of cloud growth and development (IaaS, PaaS и SaaS) continues to evolve.
  • VMware in their survey says that the TOP 3 priorities of digital transformation are customer experience improvement, existing technology of portal-website upgrade, and business efficiency increase.
dx priorities


Why Digital Security Matters During COVID-19

During the pandemic, all the business owners from small start-ups to big enterprises have had to adapt to the circumstances. We switched to working and communicating online, that’s why the risk of data vulnerability increased. In such a situation, there is a hundred and one odd chance for a leak of information.

Right now you may be thinking that your company's data will not be useful to others and there is no way someone will steal it. In our experience, it is better to prevent this than face the consequences of already existing issues. Digital adoption can be hard for those who have never dealt with the online world and its features. Let’s consider the reasons to take measures:

1. The more you depend on digital infrastructure, the more a failure will cost 

These days we better than ever understand that the internet has become the most effective tool for communication.

All people’s interactions, work, and leisure time are tied up with the online world. That’s why a simple cyber-attack can become a disaster. With no access to your device, its data, or internet connection, you cut yourself off from the world. You cannot work and your kids cannot get an education. There can be a worse scenario for companies when one day of an internet failure will cost them a fortune. There is a possibility to lose not only money but also important data or have confidential information spread. Thus, large-scale cyber attacks can even cause large-scale infrastructure failures.

2. Fear and uncertainty are our enemies

During the pandemic, we all feel pressure because leaving our comfort zone is hard. In this unusual experience, we tend to make mistakes, which give a chance to cybercriminals. In the online world, even clicking the wrong link can cost you a lot. For example, in search of visuals of COVID-19 spread, many people were cyberattacked. The users downloaded an app that promised statistics and got malware that compromised their data.

Thus, the majority of hackers (98%) use social engineering to get access to passwords, data, and networks. They use popular trends or spicy topics. It leads to users’ unsafe behavior and allows criminals to get to them.

3. Spending more time on the internet can be the cause of unsafe behavior

While surfing the net to find some content, you can bump into little-known and doubtful websites with malware. There are also risks in app installations or credit card information requests. Wrong links and expansion of surfing habits can become a danger for your data.

Because of our growing dependence on digital tools and the necessity of communication, security has become very important. The AnyforSoft team often gets customers’ questions on how to secure their data. The answer is to use verified sources, get official updates on time, and keep up cyber hygiene. If you want to be sure of your data safety, we are ready to provide more details during a consultation.

What Is DXP?

In today’s world companies have to establish communication with customers by hearing them and responding to them. Of course, it does not mean that you have to have a conversation with every client to be successful. For these purposes, organizations use content and such tools as reviews.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a developing type of software that helps companies stay afloat during digital transformation and adapt to the online world. It can be a single product, but another common option is a collection of tools that work together.

Such a platform provides companies with an architecture that can digitize their business operations and collect information on each client. In other words, the DXP channel gives the organizations a package of tools to establish more effective communication by hearing and responding to questions. It helps not only with existing clients but also with potential customers, partners, and employees. In our experience, a digital experience platform can raise the quality of your service and increase customers’ loyalty. Now let’s see why a modern eCommerce business needs DXP.

digital experience platform

Features & Unique Capabilities

A digital experience platform has different advantages setting it apart from others. According to our developers’ opinions, we have compiled a list of TOP 5 unique features it provides:

  1. Single control center. It is much easier to control the processes using such a platform since all the components are concentrated in the same place. It is difficult to take care of different tasks such as analytics, interaction with customers, and support all at once. Normally, it requires various apps or software solutions, but with DXP you do not have to switch to solve a different problem. A single control center helps to optimize processes, save your employees’ time, and your money. It also leads to an increase in clients’ loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. Increase in employees’ productivity. When your employees get access to the necessary information at any time, it leads to higher profit. Besides, it reduces competition and tension between departments and stimulates communication and cooperation.

Another thing that improves productivity is flexibility. It helps your team to adapt some aspects for particular tasks and update the tools according to your requirements.

  1. Consumers’ loyalty. When you have structured data on your customers, it allows you to have a full portrait of each client. There are three advantages that you can get out of this part. Firstly, you can use an individual approach for every customer. Secondly, you can shape the image of your brand and get users’ loyalty. Finally, you can use the data for future growth by analyzing it and adapting it to the customers’ wishes.

Personalized content is proportional to clients’ satisfaction. It is because we all want fast and efficient results. Users who feel engaged are more likely to make a purchase.

  1. Making decisions with the statistics. DXP has a built-in function that gives you an in-depth data analysis. It helps to make reasonable decisions, which will lead to company development. Turning data into actions, you will understand the clients’ wishes and increase their interest in your product or offer.
  2. Long lasted cost-effectiveness. A digital experience platform is not a low-budget solution. It will only fit those who are ready to invest money into business growth and work with the future in mind. DXP is a long-run tool with a flexible architecture and integration capabilities. The sales increase will recoup the initial costs. Besides, the platform secures your data and helps to establish relationships with the customers.

Examples of DXPs

The AnyforSoft team often faces customers’ questions about the spread and functionality of the DXPs. Let’s consider some of the widest-known examples of such platforms:

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn;
  • Educational websites such as StackOverflow, Quora, or Yahoo!;
  • Music and video streaming portals such as YouTube, Deezer, and Spotify;
  • Trading platforms such as Amazon;
  • App Store and Google play;
  • Apps and websites that provide services such as Uber, GrubHub, or Airbnb.

DXP company for Your Business

Now you know all the aspects of the digital experience platforms and understand the transformation process of the field. The last question to answer is where to find the right company to integrate DXP into your development strategy. AnyforSoft is ready to offer you our services. We have no doubts about the quality of our final product. Our company works for the result and the customer’s satisfaction.

We take the clients’ needs seriously and aim to deliver the exact product they want. Our team consists of skilled and experienced engineers who can solve any issue that arises. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you might have. We are open to a conversation since we appreciate every customer and hope to form long-lasting relationships.

Even if your idea seems to be too hard to bring to life, we can take our chances together and do our best. The AnyforSoft team loves to improve their skills, that’s why we perceive challenging tasks as a unique experience. To learn more about the company, you can look through the website or contact us.

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