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The world never stops spinning, and neither does software development. The IT sphere started becoming global back in the 90s when offshore development services became closer to the client thanks to the world wide web. Lots of problems were solved, and lots of new problems appeared, but the technological progress and management improvements are doing their job - offshore outsourcing is not a scary thing anymore.

Do you want to know more about its benefits? We’re all ready to share a couple of thoughts on that along with a piece of knowledge (as well as, glad to show some of our successful practical examples) on offshore Drupal development.

Drupal Development: Why So Many Companies Choose It for Their Work

If you’re about to build your own product, you have probably thought about what would be the right CMS for your project. CMS (Content Management System) basically helps you to manage its content on your future website and change it if necessary. You must have come across such names as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento - they are a big hit in 2018. WordPress is by all means the most commonly used CMS, but you need something more powerful when the business grows.

The thing is, lots of standard features on WordPress might be insufficient for a website with complex functionality. In such cases, custom development takes place, but it requires more time and effort for the development project to be completed. Some would say that Drupal is way harder to learn, but this is the reason why you hire professional developers, isn’t it? So, let’s find out why choosing to outsource Drupal web development is a huge trend nowadays.

5 Benefits of Outsource Drupal Web Development

Of course, there is always an option to create a team of developers inside your company, but more and more business owners opt for offshore Drupal development services nowadays. Each of them has their own motives, but there are some reasons that are common to any business.

1. The lower cost of services

There are usually two reasons that make companies choose offshore services. The first one is when local services are too expensive - this is a common thing for the USA, for example. The second reason is when domestic services have low quality, and it is prevalent in many countries because Drupal programming requires a high education level.

Abroad, businesses often find what they need - the necessary knowledge for a reasonable price. These are the cost-cutting factors for your consideration:

  • No need for recurring costs;
  • Lower hourly rates of technicians;
  • Zero spending on the office equipment.

2. You don’t shift your focus from the target audience

Business is a really broad sphere, and the work of one company is a complex of vitally important actions. Your team takes care of branding, product quality, marketing activities, and all that is done in order to satisfy the demands of the customers. When you add technical issues to the long list, things get way more difficult. And while you’re dealing with new organizational problems, the precious time on the market is spent in vain.

Instead, if you choose Drupal development outsourcing, you get a well-formed team that knows how to do the work. Isn’t it the right fit for your business needs?

3. The time-to-market reduces significantly

This point also concerns the fact that you work with a ready-made team of professionals. They have a range of necessary skills and a well-built cycle of work, which gives you time - as simple as it is. You can release your product faster, beating your competitors. In the world of perfect competition, time is the most precious resource.

4. The workforce is easily adjustable

Development forces can’t work at equal effort all the time. You need more people to build a web platform and fix all possible bugs. Later on, you’ll be working with 1-2 people that will be maintaining the website on the go, and it is possible that you’ll need more technicians with time when you need to implement some complex features.

When you have an in-house team, it’s hard to provide them with a full workload. Outsourced teams have that agility that you need - project-based work is the norm thing for them.

5. The highest security level

Outsource development companies are aware of how web security is important when malware appears here and there. Offshore teams are even more interested in safe web solutions because their reputation depends on how well they can protect their product.

As we’ve already mentioned, Drupal CMS is often used for e-commerce solutions. Such websites usually contain lots of personal data and provide online money transactions. This makes web security a vitally important aspect of your business upon which customers’ trust depends.

How to Choose the Best Offshore Drupal Developers

And here’s the most interesting part. You’ll probably find hundreds of companies that will gladly build a Drupal product for you. But how do you know that they are the best for your money investments? There are several points you should pay attention to.

4 factors that help you choose offshore Drupal developers:

  • Years of work on the market. Drupal CMS requires not only education but a certain experience to be sure that services are delivered on a professional level. Basically, this applies to anything we do in life. So you should check how many years a company has worked specifically with Drupal programming.

  • Reputation on the market. The company itself will surely provide you with positive reviews of their work. But you can dive deeper and search for some info on the web. Thanks to the informational era we live in, you might find some useful references.

  • Communication channels. First and foremost, people you’re going to hire should speak good English. It is an international language, but the fluency depends on the country and on the skills of the specific person. Secondly, you should check other communication channels such as the frequency of calls, the team’s work schedule, task trackers, etc.

  • Workflow. Ask the team’s managers about the processes in their company. Since Drupal projects are not always easy, you need to know the stages of the project, how often you will get updates on it, and an estimated timeline.

The Cost of Offshore Drupal Development

The level of hourly rates depend on lots of factors, and the main ones are economical. We’ve mentioned the lower cost for outsourcing Drupal development for a reason, now you can see the difference yourself.


Hourly Rates for the Development Services Across the Globe

Hourly Rates for the Development Services Across the Globe

Please note that the hourly rate information is provided for 2018. Today's hourly rates of developers may differ significantly.


Nowadays, specialists from Eastern Europe are considered to be the best not only in Drupal but in many other IT services. Specifically, developers from such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, or Romania have a high level of education and are supported by their companies so they could learn English fast. And one of the most important factors is that these specialists have a Western way of thinking. Cultural barriers are not the main ones for your project, but they can lead to unpleasant misunderstandings.

It’s hard to imagine modern businesses without a proper web environment - they help attracting new customers and show products from new perspectives. Some websites use the Internet as the main platform for their activities - this is especially true about the e-commerce sphere. To provide easy-going and intuitive website management, thousands of companies build their products on Drupal and choose offshore engineers for the task. You get well-educated specialists, free time to use on marketing, and less spending in the end. That’s what we call a really good deal!

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