2018: Year In Review


2018 was an extremely vivid year, packed with significant events for AnyforSoft. Summarizing the time we had, we can proudly say that all our yearly goals and plans were achieved and fulfilled. We decided to share the impressions the passing year has left us with with you – our dear friends, partners, clients, customers, and everybody related to our company.

Public Events We Went To

Our business activity is all about software development and we always strive to keep in tune with the latest trends and technologies involved with the IT industry.

Conferences and conventions where hundreds of people from different cities and countries gather to discuss common interests and topics are the best ways to get fresh insights into what is really going on in the world of IT.

That is exactly why we just couldn’t but visit such conferences, meetings and summits as:

AnyforSoft team

 We also organized and co-organized the following events:

  • Drupal Global Training Days.

  • 4 Drupal Code Sprint and 12 Drupal Talks.

  • Lutsk Drupal week.

  • Kharkiv Drupal week.

  • PM Meetup at Lutsk.

  • Sales and HRs meetups.

In general, all these events allowed us to expand our team’s expertise, motivated our employees to go for new achievements, and brought us lots of new, exciting acquaintances. It is always great to see others’ examples of success and realize that there is still a lot of space to cover and goals to achieve out there. Thus, having achieved a certain level of expertise in our niche of software solutions development, we decided to go for an even higher level and start training highly qualified specialists in the surroundings of the real-deal web developer’s routine.

Kharkiv Drupal community

Our own dedicated internship is the offspring that 2018 brought us. Let us tell you a bit more about it.


In all these years, AnyforSoft has become something even more than just a company with a solid list of loyal clients stably operating in the market. Now, AnyforSoft is also a company at which many of our fellow countrymen are dreaming of building a professional career.

This year, we made a responsible decision to help these people out by launching an internship program. 5 interns selected by our experts in 2018 have already commenced the difficult, but exciting and definitely fruitful half-year education on the world-renowned engine, Drupal. They will get a proud status of ‘juniors’ once they have completed the course and start working on the full-blown commercial project.

All in all, apart from motivating more and more amateurs with great potential to get a real qualification in the web development niche, such programs also help Ukrainian developers achieve a higher status, both on the local and international level. We believe it can help position Ukraine as a progressive, rapidly evolving country that spawns bright minds possessing knowledge that is in equally high demand both locally and abroad.

AnyforSoft Anniversary

This year, we celebrated our 7-year anniversary. Considering that we started out as a small staff based in the tiny but cozy office, 7 years on the Ukrainian market – one of the most competitive markets in the world – was quite a trial for AnyforSoft. Moreover, we are very proud of our team eventually becoming a role model for many other companies in the niche.

AnyforSoft Team

Staff Growth

Last but not least, we can boast that our staff has grown up to 70 members! These people make it possible for our company to work with large-scale and continuous projects, but there is much more to it than just business. We are happy to have provided so many people with decent working conditions, as well as serious career growth and self-realization prospects during these 7 years. That makes us one of the contributors in retaining high-class specialists within the borders of our own country.  

Next Year’s Plans

AnyforSoft Team

In the upcoming 2019, we are planning to master more and more new technological concepts, work on more and more complex, long-term projects, and expand both the internship and our own staff of employees. We believe that, a year later, we will still be as happy with what we are doing and achieving as we are this year – because the main thing is to have a clear objective and passion for the thing one does.

We would like to ask you to make at least one small step towards your ultimate goal every day, and we also very much hope that our story of success will motivate you to grow bigger and faster!

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