ClipStock is a video content rental resource, an all-inclusive royalty-free
stock footage library of video content. It is a unique and affordable operating platform that gives unlimited access to every piece of media content hosted on the site. 



times editing speed 


Modern UI/UX



The Challenge

It’s not a secret that video editors are resource-intensive and require powerful computer processors and video cards. Otherwise, the process of using such apps would be, at least, uncomfortable or even impossible. Our goal was to create a highly-performance platform with intuitively understandable for every user UI and UX. 


Another challenge was to make the app run without “overstressing" users’ computers.


We didn’t have a clear-cut client’s tech preferences at the very beginning, so had to make our best to implement the idea into reality.



AnyforSoft used a complex approach for the Back-end and Front-end part. The best solution to save the process of video editing was editing not a video, but frames with full simulation on the Front-end.


How that works?


Each video on the Drupal side is split into pictures with a certain frequency. The user can select a range from the video and will see a frame from the video that corresponds to this range.


Content Templates

Any music track you like can easily be added to the video. The range itself can also be changed, for example, shortened or enlarged. When you finish adding music start a video preview right away.

Addable Music

Feel free to change any template the way you like the most. You can also change some parameters of the template for example text size, color, font, transparency, etc..


The user can select a range from the video and will see a frame that corresponds to it. After that, the user can add content in a beautiful template or any image to this range. 

Technical expertise used

Drupal 8
AWS Lambda
Amazon S3

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