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The Projekt Magazin is the largest German-language online portal on the subject of "project management".
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The website migration is always a challenge, especially when you are dealing with the site that has over 13000 of nodes of 13 content types and a few custom entities. Every piece of content should be kept not changed and remain accessible for all users after a relaunch.


  1. Thunder distribution

    This Drupal distribution becomes very popular in Europe and helps editors to get very friendly and clear environment. Routing work becomes easier when you are working in the good looking admin interface

  2. 1

    Migration API

    All the content has been carefully migrated using the Migration API. Migration has been split out into atomic pieces that allows to run migration of any part of content separately. For some parts of content many Process Plugins and Mapping Files were created in order to convert data to the correct format on the new site.

  3. Elastic Search with Reactive Search frontend

    All the content has been indexed by Elastic Search and kept in the separate indexes for faster reindexing. Elastic search has been moved to its own server in order to get better performance both on the site and search tool. Reactive search and its components helped users to get results of their search in a flash of light even then searching through thousands of nodes. Users are able to apply different filters including distance and date range.




  1. Search

    It was a huge importance to have a fast and reliable search tool on the site which helps users to find content that matches their needs. Users should be able to see suggestions on other content relevant to the one user is reading now.

  2. Simple access for ad customers to order places for advertisements and see statistics

    Customers who post an advertisement on the site should be able to see how successful their campaign is.

  3. Centralized subscription tool

    Most of the content of the site is accessible via subscription. The financial side of subscription management should be handled out of Drupal.

  4. Newsletter campaigns

    Editor should be able to create new newsletter campaigns easily by adding any content type. The newsletters must have good look-n-feel for users.

  5. Post-production support

    It is highly important to have protected and well-supported site after going live. The uptime for the site must be not lower than 99.5%.


Drupal 8 (Thunder Distribution)

Elastic Search engine

Reactive Search and components (Geolocation, Date filter etc.)






Grafana monitoring tool

Servers on DigitalOcean

Multi-server Live environment


Rich Snippets for Google

Search Amazon ES


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