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4 Reasons you should move to Drupal 8

What are the main driving factors why you should switch to an up-to-date platform and what are the main obstacles?   It's been a long time since Drupal 8 release but still there are a lot of websites running on Drupal 7 or lower. We hear a lot from our current clients why one should switch to Drupal 8 and we've prepared a short overview with the major highlights:   Mobile First approach Let's face it, our world is getting mobile and having a mobile website is a must for every business or organization. Drupal 8 supports responsive markup out of the box. With Drupal 8 it's really easy to craft your website in accordance to user needs and present it in a way of a well optimized mobile website.    Language Support We all know that pain when you want to translate your content or at least admin interface but there just no tool out there. With Drupal 8 release we have an improved multilingual and globalization support which leads to a seamless translation. If you consider working on different markets this tool will come in handy.   Content is a King Drupal 8 saves time on content editing with an improved WYSIWYG editor and a new on-page editor. Content creators and marketers now could think more about the content itself rather than formatting.    Integrations Drupal has made a lot of steps towards best enterprise CMS. In Drupal 8 we are coming to a logical ending where you'll have an ability to integrate your website with your favorite analytics and marketing systems, CRM and even email.   If you are thinking about migrating to Drupal 8 just let us know and we would be happy to provide assistance and consultancy. Our team has accomplished a number of projects on Drupal 8 and we are eager to help you with crafting the best business tool. 
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