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We – the Anyforsoft team of web developers specializing in the creation of web solutions and development of the most advanced modern websites for our clients for 6 years straight – have decided to share our expertise and experience with everybody who's interested! We are launching our special educational program, which will give you the opportunity to become an Anyforsoft intern. Your gurus will be the leading experts of our team that possess perfect command of Drupal 8. As a result, you will acquire a full set of knowledge and practical skills for creating and configuring Drupal-based websites and be able to get involved in the workflow effortlessly. Why Anyforsoft? Let’s take a look at three advantages you get by becoming an intern at Anyforsoft. Teach yourself efficiently. Anyforsoft internship is prevalently a self-learning experience, and self-education is crucial in forging a successful web developer career. Of course, your intern activity will be coordinated by our specialists. In particular, they’ll assign you tasks, tell you about methods for solving them, and check your results. Formidable theoretical and practical knowledge base. You will be able to acquire theoretical knowledge as well as a set of practical skills required for the successful kick start of a Drupal web developer career in the shortest terms. Exchange of experience with high-class experts. Anyforsoft team members have created many various projects throughout their professional career, which ‘live’ and develop to this day on the worldwide web. You will be working side by side, getting consultations on any questions you have, learning to work in a team, and getting a clear picture of the modern requirements for products based on web technology. Learning Stages Anyone participating in our courses will go through the following educational stages: Education. During the first three months, you will be rigorously acquiring new Drupal development knowledge. This stage includes lectures and practical lessons – get ready to get inside the skin of a student! Qualification level check. The exams will be waiting for you once you finish the initial learning period. Based on your results, you will get an objective grade for your knowledge. Internship. You get an opportunity to become a member of a working Anyforsoft team and make your contribution to a commercial project (under your mentor’s coordination, of course). Employment. Once the internship is passed, you will be employed by our company and occupy a junior Drupal developer position. How to Apply for the Internship Program In order to take part in our program, make sure you possess sufficient knowledge (the requirements are listed in the program description), send us your resume, and fill out the form on our website. Soon, you will be invited for a Skype interview and based on its positive results you will be accepted for an internship! Good luck!
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