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DrupalCamp Kyiv 2019

04 June 20192m

If you’ve clicked on this article, you are probably acquainted with Drupal and are thinking about attending DrupalCamps, Cons and a lot of other similar events. At AnyforSoft, Drupal is like a household pet, dearly loved by each member of our team, so organizing and attending such events gives us a chance to share this love with others.

We particularly look forward to these events because they are a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends who are already professionals in Drupal and share our experience with them. It’s also a chance to be like an older brother for those who are just beginning to dive into the Drupal world. Some things are true for all Drupal events. As soon as you open the door and enter the event, you are immersed in a warm and homey atmosphere. Everyone is in high spirits, and you meet up with friends and soulmates who you haven’t seen for a while. You attend talks on Drupal, many given by enthusiastic speakers from other countries.

It seems like nothing could be better, but this year's event exceeded expectations. Here's why:

  • 30% international speakers: fascinating and unforgettable sessions by Balázs Tatar, Nick Veenhof, Erik Evrard and all international speakers elevated the atmosphere of the event and demonstrated that the quality of the Camp has increased significantly.

  • 80% of sessions were performed in English, which means that DrupalCamp Kyiv has moved to the next level of international influence.

  • 560 liters of beer were consumed at the afterparty. We are sure that's not our limit! Next year we will set a new record.

It was one of the biggest Camps in Ukraine and will be on the list of the greatest Camps in 2019. We are sure that, after hearing these points, you are eager to be on the list of attendees for next year!

Drupal community is always ready to meet rookies and impart all its knowledge to them. We hope that you, like us, are eagerly awaiting DrupalCamp Kyiv 2020. Become a part of something big. Become one of us!

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