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On June 25, we launched our internship program aimed at training future developers to work with Drupal 8. Out of all the candidates who filled in the form at our website and successfully passed through every stage of the interviews, we selected the top 5. What Will the Learning Process Look Like? We are planning to spend the next three months teaching our interns how to build websites, create themes and customize web solutions. Once a week they will attend a live lecture and a practical lesson, the rest of their time will be devoted to independent practical study. Based on the results of these three months, in order to pass to the next learning stage, the interns will have to present to their mentors a full-scale social project that will reflect their learning dynamics within our internship program. Taking part in developing real commercial products will be the next step. All processes will be curated by our team leaders, who will be making the necessary adjustments to their students’ work. This stage will also last for three months, after which our students will have earned the title of Junior Developers. After successfully completing the two internship stages, our interns will be hired as Junior Drupal Developers at Anyforsoft. What are the Advantages of Learning from Team Leaders at Anyforsoft? Here are the main advantages you get from interning at our company: A wide range of educational materials available. Not a single intern is “left to fend for themselves”: they receive a list of specific resources and recommendations for the entire period of independent study. Following these recommendations will help them complete the tasks assigned by mentors. Quick feedback from team leaders. Our interns can reach out to their mentors at any moment if they need clarification or help with an issue, and receive detailed feedback within a day. This system is basically identical to university education, except our team leaders share the knowledge that can be practically applied to real projects, based on current requirements for web development. Gaining team working skills. Our interns can consult each other as well as the mentors. This approach teaches them how to work in a team, which is a supremely useful skill for further career growth in IT. Why Interning at Anyforsoft is One of the Most Effective Learning Methods? Our developers’ team at Anyforsoft has been creating customized solutions on the Drupal platform for more than 6 years. Over this time we have not merely learned how to build high-performance, scalable websites with extensive functionality. Every project we work on is a bespoke project that takes into account even the most non-standard customer requirements. As a result, they compare favorably to those projects that are based on templates and ready themes, limited in their configurational options. Our interns are provided with the same materials we actively apply in our working processes. This means that at every stage of their internship, they only receive the most up-to-date information that will help them create competitive commercial solutions in the future.
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