What to consider while choosing Drupal as your platform?

Needs and Goals Whether we are talking about a content-centric platform or a complex enterprise system Drupal gives you a range of solutions. From our experience Drupal covers about 80% of Client's needs and remaining 20% could be covered with some custom modifications. If you have a website in mind but not sure whether you need a fully-fledged framework like Symfony or Drupal just ask the community and hey, we are sure that the majority of your needs will be covered by the default functionality.   Budget and Timeline Drupal is a CMS and an advantage of all CMS is development speed. It provides a number of re-usable modules and blocks with help of which we could speed up development and fulfill the majority of user needs. As a result, you'll save time and costs. The additional item here is Licensing fees. Drupal is an open-source platform, therefore, you'll be free from any fees and costs for the core features.    Support and Maintenance options Drupal has a really big community of developers. It has more than 103,648 users actively contributing to the platforms which mean it's always easy to find answers to almost every question. We are in AnyforSoft provides an extensive expertise in the Drupal development and ready to assist you with all your questions. Don't hesitate to start a conversation with us on social networks or via email.
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