Can Drupal Be Used for Enterprise Websites?

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What CMS would be the best choice for an enterprise platform? Many business owners rack their brains trying to find the right answer. If you’re here, you must be at that crossroads as well, but we won’t let you get lost.

While many businesses opt for WordPress, Drupal is used by a large number of well known global companies all over the world. Do you want to be one of them? In this article, you’ll find out about the strongest advantages of using Drupal for enterprise purposes and see there’s no better solution to help you target your customers and easily manage your platform.

5 Global Companies that Use Drupal

When they hear the word “enterprise”, experienced developers already know the list of basic requirements from the client. What makes enterprise solutions different from others? Here are four key things:

  • Large amount of content, especially if it’s an eCommerce platform.
  • Ability to cope with high traffic volume.
  • The highest possible security level.
  • Several microsites within one platform.

Can Drupal handle all this? The experience of numerous companies will prove to you that it can – just take a look at the case studies published on the Drupal website:

  • - Nasa migrated to Drupal in May of this year. The organization needed a cost-effective solution with a stable reputation and a high security level.
  • - Lush is now considered to be the biggest eCommerce platform built with Drupal. The shop has to handle huge traffic volumes, and Drupal is a perfect CMS for this.
  • - this is one of the biggest websites about food and cooking. The main challenge here is to create an intuitive navigation and make it able to cope with any amount of traffic (in this case, it’s around 650,000 visitors a month).
  • - Jysk has over 2,000 physical stores in 48 countries, so the web platform for this business must be perfect. Content management and the opportunity to customize each development step were the main reasons for Jysk to choose Drupal.
  • - this is a brand-new website for Princeton University Press built on Drupal 8. Thanks to the perfect workflow, it was easy to migrate all the content from the previous site to the new one. Plus, it’s easy to implement the newest technologies when needed.

These and hundreds of other world-renowned companies trust Drupal because it’s a perfect fit for their business goals. Let’s review the list of six key advantages you can get by building your business website using Drupal.

6 Reasons to Use Drupal for Enterprise Websites

When evaluating a certain CMS, you should start by creating the website, and then move step by step to the website administration and flexibility. Our experts from AnyforSoft will share their knowledge with you.

1. Simple Approach to Building and Customizing a Website

Too much complexity in web development steals your precious time, when you could already be working on marketing activities. First of all, Drupal websites are easy to create and customize if necessary. The more complex a platform you have, the more important it is to be able to implement changes easily. And let us just mention how cost-effective your Drupal solution will be compared to other options.

Also, easy processes allow developers to do their work much more quickly. In the case of Drupal, it’s possible thanks to the modules. This crucial functionality has already been implemented by the Drupal community – they have a solution for almost any demand.

2. High Security Level

Malware statistics look more and more overwhelming every year. Developers have to deal with millions of attacks from hackers, and they usually help each other on the way. Drupal is a secure platform by itself, and it’s constantly maintained by its strong community. The result of this work is that many governmental organizations entrust Drupal with their online presence – Nasa is the brightest example we’ve reviewed.

Building your solution with Drupal, you get the safest environment for your business, and you share it with your users. You should remember that security is one of the key needs of any customer. Besides, security settings are managed from the admin panel, so you don’t even need an expert’s help for this.

3. Modules Built Specifically for Enterprises

We’ve already mentioned what requirements make enterprise solutions different from others. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Your personal requirements and business needs create a unique portrait of the final result. In other words, Drupal for enterprises has many faces, depending on the company it was customized for.

These are only a few examples of how Drupal can provide you with the necessary functionality:

  • Commerce Kickstart is a set of tools for eCommerce platforms;
  • Thunder is a list of modules for media and publishing businesses;
  • Open Enterprise is a set of typical instruments you may need to implement, such as photo galleries, FAQs, blogs, etc.;
  • Open Social helps to build social communities;
  • Enterprise Forum is a part of Open Enterprise but can be installed separately. It’s used to implement a forum on the website.

4. Easy Administration

What do you want to get with a high-quality CMS? The answer is in the name – any user (who is not a developer) should be able to easily change content and customize the functionality. With a website built using Drupal, the whole platform, whether big or small, is in the palm of your hand – you can manage every corner of your web application.

Moreover, the bigger a platform you have, the more managers should work within one admin panel. Depending on their role, managers must have access to a certain part of the website – and you have the opportunity to create new roles by yourself.

5. SEO Optimization

Solid companies should be on the first page of Google search results – lower positions allow your competitors to grab the attention of your potential customers. That’s why SEO optimization is needed in any case, but this process will be much faster with the right CMS tools. Drupal as an enterprise solution provides a number of SEO modules that don’t require extra coding:

And this list is only the beginning – you can find both kits and separate tools for any SEO purposes.

6. Quick Content Translation

There are a lot of enterprises operating on the global market, so multi-language support is essential for contemporary web solutions. Using Drupal, enterprises get access to more than 110 languages – adding content in another language becomes a natural part of the website management.

Needless to say, their own language is one of the keys to a customer’s heart – people want to know more and understand every word you’re saying. Drupal allows you to build strong relationships with your target audience by destroying any language barriers.

Final Thoughts

Lots of content, high traffic volumes, the website’s security – these were probably your biggest concerns when you started reading this article. What about now? We showed you how using Drupal for enterprise applications meets your demands and gives you even more than you may have expected.

Drupal is convenient and easy to understand even if you have a massive platform in mind with many features. And no matter how big your web platform becomes, you will always be in the saddle of your business.

Are you ready for the next step? Let’s discuss how Drupal can help your company prosper.

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