Best Drupal Modules For Your Project


The web development world gives us a lot of exceptionally suitable and convenient solutions. In this article, we will discuss one of them.

Lots of software tools were created to simplify developers' lives and provide a better experience for users. In the list of those technologies, you can find various programming languages, frameworks, and CMSs. Content management systems deserve special attention. Recently, they were underestimated and valued improperly. But the number of web solutions created using CMSs grows. Additionally, we should mention here that the lifecycle of the solution built with CMS does not end at the production stage. Those solutions are easy to support, improve and use.

Drupal is one of the most prominent CMSs in the web development galaxy. Version 8 was launched successfully in 2015, and we would like to provide you with the brief overview of the best Drupal modules you will find useful for your product.

Drupal CMS And Its Capabilities

If you have not used Drupal yet, you should consider this option as a great possibility to create high-quality solutions for your and your customers’ entertainment. Before we dive into the depths of the best Drupal modules in 2018, let’s understand why Drupal deserves the special attention.

Drupal is one of the top three most widespread CMSs.

This is an open-source tool for web application design and development. The code is completely accessible, so those who are interested in the technical specifics may take a look at the Drupal essentials.  

What is nice about Drupal?

  • It is free

You do not need to spend money to download, use and modify it.

  • Flexibility

Drupal is considered to be one of the most flexible tools in the web development world. You can modify and customize your website in a few clicks.

  • Strong Community

This makes Drupal extra stable. Rich functionality serves perfectly various needs.

  • Thorough Testing Processes

Before any feature is launched, it is thoroughly tested. The CMS works well and seamlessly.

  • Transparency And Simplicity

Even if you are not a technical person and have no previous development experience, this tool enables great ideas to come true.

  • Dedicated Support

Even though Drupal 8 was launched recently, Drupal 7 will be supported for at least 5 years. So you should not worry about immediate migration to version 8.

  • Safety And Security

Last but not least, the security of the CMS needs to be mentioned. Drupal saves your data and takes care of it.

What can you use Drupal for? In a nutshell, you can construct and customize almost any solution using this tool.

  • Company websites
  • Community channels
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio
  • Forums
  • Online stores
  • Social networks, etc.

Along with the awesome features and broad range of applications, Drupal functionality can be extended using powerful modules.

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Top Drupal 8 Modules for Your Needs

A module is something you should use to provide your website visitors with a remarkable experience. The reason is simple: modules extend the number of features and allow Drupal to satisfy more needs and wishes.

In our article, we provide you with information about the best Drupal 8 modules!

Drupal 8 Modules for Admin Needs

The key purpose of every CMS lies directly in its name. The point is to provide better management functions. This is why a lot of the top 8 Drupal modules aim to satisfy admins.

  • Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar Module will greatly save your time. By having a drop-down menu and extending the original Drupal menu, it helps to perform various actions faster and easier.

  • Field Group

With the help of the Field Group module, the content editor can make the process of content organization nice and pleasant. The contributors achieved a positive result by adding the grouping options. One can either group the fields with data vertically or horizontally, create accordions, etc.

  • Linkit

An autocomplete function is a pain point for many software solutions. No matter what website you visit, if there is a necessity to manually fill in the blanks, you understand that you will lose some time doing that. The links module provides a user with an opportunity to automatically add internal and external links to the web page.

  • PathAuto

This module can automatically create URLs for your website. You get only a high-quality service: the URLs are optimized and improve the website’s rank.

Drupal 8 Modules for Website Builders

The next type of modules we've decided to present you are the ones that cater to the needs of website builders.

  • BigPipe

Page load time greatly influences user experience. Load time helps decide whether a visitor will stay or leave your web page. The BigPipe module renders cached components and loads dynamic ones. In this way, page load speed increases considerably.  

  • Features

The possibility to import your components to external websites can improve the administration experience. The Features module enables this option.

Drupal 8 Modules for Blogging

The next topic we dedicate our feature to is blog modules.

  • Blog

Blog module lets website administrators open and run a blog on the pages of their websites. The process is hassle-free and convenient: no extra effort needed.

  • ShareThis

The larger the audience you reach the more chances to succeed you get.  With the ShareThis module, you can share your content to social media and thus increase conversion rates.

Modules for Sending Newsletters

Another important point is to follow up with your potential customers by giving them important information concerning your business. There is one great module for your correspondence.

  • MailSystem

Your email templates can be designed within a few minutes using this module. With a nice themed email newsletter, you can easily reach your potential clients and draw their attention.

Drupal 8 Image Modules

First of all, we would like to notice that Drupal 8 has an internal image module at its core. For further needs, you can check the tools described below:

  • Image Effects

This module enables adding entertaining effects to images. A few clicks and your web pages will look even more impressive!

  • Colorbox

Colorbox adds nice overlays to your web pages. With its help, your images can be distinguished from the text.

Some other Drupal 8 modules you may find useful:

  • Honeypot

This simple software solution can help you to get rid of spam. The tool detects bots and does not allow them to fill out your form.

  • Diff

Diff is a simple module that allows users to track the history of modifications and keep a hand on a pulse of changes.

  • Contact Storage

This module saves form submissions in the admin UI. Additionally, it sends you an email about the received data.


Drupal is an awesome CMS that belongs on the list of top modern content management systems. Great modules for Drupal make it even better. The existing functionality can be extended by installing a number of convenient modules that can meet any personal or business needs. Here, we've acquainted you with the most useful ones. We hope it will be extremely entertaining for you to discover the other options on the market. Try Drupal and its modules and never regret your choice!

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